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I would be in for a weekender for sure. Much more so than a briefcase as that I really need to handle in person to see pocket sizing and layout. Didn't you show a weekend bag on IG a few months back that was boss as hell, maybe suede?

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

The Nantucket Red cord is pretty freaking rad. Most dudes are either red pants-guys or not, but since you're interested in becoming one.. you may be one already. 
I think it's British in origin, but 'F@$*ing Red Trousers' is a hilarious meme. Would grab the EFF's if I didn't already have reddish Bedford EP cords!
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I have these from a few years ago. They rock

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

The thing that I'm struggling with: does anyone care? The problem with mens bags is that most men are very conservative with how they buy them. They'll buy a tiny fraction of what women will, and many of them will gravitate towards an actual bag brand. We can absolutely put out a superior product to a similarly priced item made in Asia, but it's hard to compete against a brand that only does bags. They just look more serious about it, and many customers will tend to trust them. 

So I'm a bit torn. The backpack is great because it's unisex, and we've sold quite a few of them to women. We've sold a LOT of Stevie bags, and I'm absolutely making more women's designs. But I've had a pretty mediocre track record of making men's leather goods to date. Except for belts - we're always killing it with belts. 

Given the pricepoint, would briefcases & weekenders be something that you guys are interested in? Are there other items that you'd rather see? 

I care and I'll tell you why: No one does navy, burgundy and forest green leather like Epaulet. The Croots bags were insane...just a little too expensive for me. Two things I must have on a briefcase - zippers that will last as long as the leather and a bottom that won't get destroyed when I put it down on the sidewalk now and then....and a zippered outside pocket for my keys and things, but now that's three things.

How about CXL? Or natrual veg? That would be sick.
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I would be interested in both a case and weekender, once funds allowed. I suppose it depends on what kind of minimums you were looking at, Mike. I agree that the market is a bit saturated at the moment but I see four bags out there: label/ fashion brands, "Meermin-like" bags (Asian production, good for the cheap price), "Gustin-like" bags (US made, good materials, rough or minimal finishing), and full blown Master of the Universe bags.

I suppose the gap you could fit in to would be to offer better leather than the cheap guys and better/more refined finishing than Gustin. Is that segment large enough to warrant the risk? I don't know.
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Ooo a scotchgrain bag smile.gif
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Second the suggestion on CXL or natural veg tanned.


Apart from agreeing with most of the sentiments regarding quality vs price point that I associate w/ Epaulet, I'd also add the following. I've been in the market for a while now and for the most part, I'm finding that the options tend to look a bit too formal or a bit too informal. I work in a casual field so something that looks like a briefcase a lawyer would carry might be a bit too much for me, but I'm also not a 25 year old bike messenger so I don't want something as conspicuous as most of the more informal options I've found. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's a middle ground between the two that isn't really being filled.


I like this one from Frank Clegg, but it seems like it sacrifices quite a bit of functionality for form (no fixed interior pockets and no zippered external pockets either) and is a bit more than I'd like to pay: 


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I'm close to pulling the trigger on a La Portegna Fat Carter (the interior lay out on this one would be great for me - a separate compartment for a laptop and then smaller pockets for odds and ends), but while it's certainly an attractive bag, it's not quite the vibe I'm looking for. I guess I'm looking for the bag equivalent of an unstructured blazer - casual, but refined and I'm not finding much that feels like it fits with that.

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Personally, I'd likely fall on the opposite side from Rydenfan - a briefcase currently fits my needs and lifestyle to a greater degree than a weekender. I do agree though that men's leather goods are likely harder because of the variables with pocket layout.

Edit: just saw the post above, and agree wholeheartedly that there is very little gradation between the super-casual bag and the (aptly named) master of the Universe bag (SAB, etc).
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Trigger pulled...natural indigo linen and luxe charcoal herringbone (with cargo pockets). Hoping for an EG kinda look on the second pair 👊🏻

@Epaulet how about we run some epic linen and/or wool shorts???
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Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

Trigger pulled...natural indigo linen and luxe charcoal herringbone (with cargo pockets). Hoping for an EG kinda look on the second pair.......

Hmmm. rydenfan mentioning cargo pockets on his herringbone made me think. I ordered a pair of the End 80 Navy Houndstooth flannel.


Should I add cargo pockets to them? I've never bought pants with cargo pockets before. I guess they take the trousers from potentially a dress pair to a straight casual pair?

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^ Definitely casual, but it's a very smart, very proper casual.

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I can see that charcoal herringbone with cargo pockets. Not a bad idea. I am not crazy about a straight charcoal herringbone trouser since I fear it may look like an orphaned pair of suit trousers. Adding cargo pockets negates that, in my mind.
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I would be interested in a leather (like racing green) weekender. But will it be something that I can't get elsewhere -- to address MIke's concern about competing in a crowded market. Can you come up with a differentiated product?
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For another reference, Walts with cargos:

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And Driggs

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