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Did someone say Reigning Champ? I'm prepared for the rare LA rain 😂

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Originally Posted by SteveH35 View Post

Did someone say Reigning Champ? I'm prepared for the rare LA rain 😂

Haha I wore that exact full piece suit yesterday.

I really like RC tops but does anyone find their pants kind of droopy in the seat compared to standard Nike, Adidas, lulu etc?
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Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

They are amazing and get better with every wear. Mine run ever so slightly larger, probably 1/4. Not enough for me to change sizes but if you are on the cusp I think going down a half size would be fine
Ok thanks. Just placed my order and went TTS.
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Sometimes when you take the train and track your EP gift, you and the package are both in Kearny, New Jersey.
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If anyone has a large thorpe in navy or loden they want to part with let me know. The damn banner ads have me regretting not snagging one 

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Very different kind of EP fit pic. Chup sock and Epaulet sweatpants

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Moleskin Walts:

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Hey guys, 


My apologies for the late-check in: let me follow up on everything....



Originally Posted by chrispy650 View Post

Been looking at the MTO sanded canvas trousers. Anyone have pants in this material as well as the 8oz canvas rivet chinos? Which one is softer? Been looking to replace my navy chinos with possibly a driggs navy sanded canvas for casual wear.


The Sanded Canvas is a really awesome fabric. It's softer than both our 8oz Canvas and 10oz duck canvas. Which is why it's more expensive. It gives a very nice drape too. I have two pairs of Rudy trousers in that cloth and I love them. 


Originally Posted by docalden2013 View Post

Just want to express a hearty thanks to Mike and his crew for the fastest shipping ever. I instakopped the king alt wiens at 3:45pm yesterday and David got them on the truck a half hour later. My precious arrived at 11:44 this morning.

You guys rock!


@docalden2013 thank you sir! Enjoy those gorgeous shoes. 


Originally Posted by teddieriley View Post

@epaulet Any plans to restock additional sizes of the Alden natural chromexcel Indy Boot with Commando Sole? In particular I'm looking for a 10.5D. Thanks!


@teddieriley yeah, that thing went really quickly. We're going to set up a preorder for the next round - got a lot of guys who want extended sizes and widths in it too. I don't have anything on on order at all right now. 


Originally Posted by Don L View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Sample Donegal vest

Blue Flannel EFF shirt from a few years back

EP Vass Medallion Cap boots


@Don L fantastic as always! 


Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Quick tailor's mirror photo of the blue flannel Gables. Just getting them hemmed. Doesn't seem like I'll need to change the waist band. The fabric is really nice BTW. You have to see it up close to appreciate the marl.


@FrankCowperwood They look boss - glad that you dig them! 



Originally Posted by loxo View Post

Here are a couple more. I had to brighten the photo of the jacket as the light is fading here in NYC and I only have a crappy phone camera, but I tried to limit it so that the real color of the coat comes out. It is a truly stunning fabric. I shit you not, when I brought it to my tailor he stammered.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Juniper and whiskey

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



@loxo wow, that combo is just fantastic - thanks so much! Jacket looks killer with the 2-button front and patch pockets. Really nice and colorful match to the trousers too. 

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Still loving the Individualized flannel.
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Horsehide tennis trainers while junior does actual tennis training. Taking advantage of 65 degree weather to keep digicam rivets going in December.
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@FLW what's the jacket in the casual photo?
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Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

@FLW what's the jacket in the casual photo?
Justo Gimeno teba jacket from The Armoury. Fantastic piece. Actually, the style would be great for @epaulet's lineup, if they could find a maker. Like half step between the doyle jacket and a proper sport coat.
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Wearing new Epaulet CHUPs and the Gitman Electric Youth Gauzy today.

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Has anyone with a size 8 foot bought any of the CHUP socks?  I typically stay away from socks that are sized 8-12 as at a size 8, they're usually a bit big on me. I'd like to get some CHUPs but am hesitant.

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