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Originally Posted by bkotsko View Post

Sanded canvas is one of my favorites, hands down.

It fades well also.

+1 billion. I got a pair of navy sanded canvas Walts and have lived in them in fall. They dress up and down exceptionally well. Don't look out of place with a sportcoat and dress shoes or loafers and a short-sleeved shirt. So versatile and also really sturdy feeling. I can pretty much guarantee there will be another order for me in this material next year.

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^^ You can't go wrong with either of them.  I have the washed/sanded ones in khaki/tan so I can't speak too much for the fading but they are super soft and have a great feel to them.  I have 8oz canvas ones in navy and they do fade nicely if that's what you want.  Also very soft with maybe a softer feel than the washed/sanded ones.  But really too little a difference.


Having said all that, I'd go with the washed/sanded ones.

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I have the butterscotch sanded canvas Walt's and love them. 

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Congrats to whomever snagged the 42 in the derby heirloom - I was eyeing that
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Just want to express a hearty thanks to Mike and his crew for the fastest shipping ever. I instakopped the king alt wiens at 3:45pm yesterday and David got them on the truck a half hour later. My precious arrived at 11:44 this morning.

You guys rock!
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@Epaulet Any plans to restock additional sizes of the Alden natural chromexcel Indy Boot with Commando Sole? In particular I'm looking for a 10.5D. Thanks!
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Good amount of EP today.

Individualized oxford with new bond collar

Ironwood donegal trousers with Alden tan calfskin
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Sample Donegal vest

Blue Flannel EFF shirt from a few years back

EP Vass Medallion Cap boots

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Quick tailor's mirror photo of the blue flannel Gables. Just getting them hemmed. Doesn't seem like I'll need to change the waist band. The fabric is really nice BTW. You have to see it up close to appreciate the marl.

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Foggy Bog Moss Herringbone today. A jacket so awesome that when I picked up the finished MTO in the store, I immediately bought the Juniper Lambswool Walts to go with it. 


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^ More pics of both please
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@Ioxo incredible coat. Yes more pics please!
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Finally, some foggy bogg!

Anyone get their LBM yet?
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Here are a couple more. I had to brighten the photo of the jacket as the light is fading here in NYC and I only have a crappy phone camera, but I tried to limit it so that the real color of the coat comes out. It is a truly stunning fabric. I shit you not, when I brought it to my tailor he stammered.



Juniper and whiskey

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Is the jacket unstructured with patch pockets? How did that work out for you in the Harris Tweed?
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