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Originally Posted by europrep View Post

Thanks Frank.

Walt pale gray hop sack, Wiltshire Ring Ring, & Carmina boots

I was going 34 Walt and sizing down to 33 for Wilshire, right move?


Sizing sounds good; I'm a 32 Walt and Rivet, and take a 31 Wilshire. Great selection of items. The Pale Grey Hopsack Walt is hands down the best warm weather trouser I've ever worn, even better than linen.

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Off topic watch question for Mike and NYC guys: any recommendations for mechanical watch repair? I have an inexpensive mechanical watch that recently developed a clanking noise inside the housing when the watch is moved back and forth (Mike, this is the Orient watch you were looking at the other day). It still tells time as well as it ever has, though, but the noise is worrisome. Any recommendations for repair?

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Originally Posted by Goodman View Post

Just wanted to thank Mike, Matt and everyone for a great time last night. Had a couple of beers, met a couple of people, bought a couple of pairs of "sample" pants (which was great as I completely missed the recent on-line sale) plus a couple of other things because it's Epaulet and it's hard to walk out of their empty handed. Looking forward to the next one.

What the hell did I miss?
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Long sleeve speckled Luchino
Leaf Duck canvas
Detail (Click to show)
Baby Dorothy wearing chambray onesie from Gap
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I need the leaf duck canvas to come back!
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I just saw what looked like a Doyle in a cream-colored denim with antique wooden buttons. Possible to release something in this type of fabric? Or even a duck canvas? Looks super sharp.
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Just booked myself a place to stay in East Village. Going to cut out time for a visit  :slayer: Either on Sunday evening after arriving, or Tuesday afternoon before actually leaving the country. I'll see if I can make it to the Brooklyn store too, but Mike, y u no work on Mondays :fu: 

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While I'm gone from the store for a bit I haven't stopped wearing Epaulet

Taken in Venice

Mint Linen Walts
Carmina tassel loafers Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Boglioli K Jacket, Linen Shirt, Ikire Jones pocket square
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[...patiently awating the Kamigata restock...]

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Hey Mike... I need to take in/taper the thighs of my Walts. How competent is the Stanton Tailor Shop for this type of alteration? Thanks!
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May need to Nano for child duty.


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got my eggshell wilshires today and absolutely love them.  EP always comes through with the good stuff!!

the denim is relatively light weight feeling and has a great somewhat slubby texture.  need to get them hemmed a bit but that's no biggie.  reallly happy with the fit.

these are my first pair of wilshires and i sized down 1 from my rivet size.  fit is def snug in the top block but looks great.  i'm sure they will stretch an inch or 2 and be absolutely perfect.


only nitpick (although I really don't mind) is there were a surprising amount of loose threads on the inside (especially near the back pockets) but nothing i couldn't trim up in a few seconds.  i suppose for the price it's acceptable, at least compared to my 3sixteens which came practically flawless. 

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Another OT note: I'm so so happy with the RX100m2, it has served me perfectly throughout my stay here. I've just spent a day with a NEX-6; I have no complaints except that it's bulkier and the battery life could definitely be longer. I'm reading that the kit lens might be one cause of that; I basically have to turn off the LCD to get it to not die in the middle of the day.

Mike, thanks for the suggestion :cheers:

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