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That jacket is incredible
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Yea, awesome stuff...
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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Looking great, Rob! Don't fall foo.gif

My third and final entry for the contest (Epaulet suit and Vass shoes):
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Excellent! I was wondering when we'd see those Vass austerity brogues too. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Originally Posted by vedarcrew View Post

First Fit: Epaulet Suiting Tartan, Epaulet Belt, Epaulet Rivet Duck Canvas
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This is just so good.
Originally Posted by kidnesiac View Post

Burgundy hopsack MTO from May; here are closeups from different times. 
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

And this, this DB is a brilliant idea. Nicely done.

It's a pretty serious set of photos when I'm not even quoting NYI's shots (sorry about that... smile.gif)

Here's something from today: Bedford cord RCs and ice blue houndstooth scarf.

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After seeing these jackets, I've come to the conclusion that you can't go wrong with any of the FF fabrics!
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Originally Posted by Todd V View Post

Is this burgundy duck? The DB with denim is bad ass, I must say.
I'd agree, what a spectacular jacket. Very nice.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Here's my Thanksgiving WAYWT pic. I'm out in Montauk with my family, and man, the reality of East Coast weather is back. It's nice to layer up though.

Epaulet Veneto Single Breasted Technical Blazer
Stone Island Hoodie
Epaulet Taupe Birdseye Rudy Trousers (from last year)
Vass High Boot Captoe Medallion
Epaulet Bordeaux Driving Gloves

Sorry that I'm kind of scowling. That's what I get for looking straight into the sun for a photo.

BTW, I get quite a lot of emails asking about the driving gloves. They're thicker than the typical driving glove, but not necessarily a winter piece. They're unlined and very supple. Driving gloves are so far out of the norm that most guys don't think about them, and even less own them. But when you do - and you take that first drive with your gloves on - you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. They are so freaking cool.

Everyone nerding out on watches and nobody is left to appreciate the Leica.

Someday I would love to even use, let alone own, one of those. Until then I will "make do" with my 5D2/35L


Is it digital? What's the lens?

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I have a question/concern about the barlett leather jacket. Mine came in the mail 2 days back and while im generally very impressed with tit one thing is making my somewhat ocd self a bit uneasy. The snaps for the collar are not symmetrical- the top and bottom snaps on the right side of the jacket are separated by about a centimeter more than the ones on the left, and their orientation relative to each other is a bit different too- closer horizontally on the right than on the left. Looking back at the website pics, the same thing seems to be present on the model pics for the black jacket which is the one I also got. The navy one looks might it might have the same thing but to a lesser degree maybe? (you can tell best by looking at the pics with the snaps undone and the jacket zipped up.

Is this normal for perfecto-type jackets?
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I have not been able to size the Epaulet leather jackets correctly-- anyone have a medium Wyatt horsehide jacket they want to trade for a small? PM me if interested.

Anyone who has a medium and a solid fit would you mind sending me your stats. I had the same problem with the Mullberry jacket!!! Thanks
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Originally Posted by ataru View Post

I have a question/concern about the barlett leather jacket. Mine came in the mail 2 days back and while im generally very impressed with tit one thing is making my somewhat ocd self a bit uneasy.

I'm generally very impressed with those too. Unfortunately I can't help with your problem, but I couldn't help myself from pointing out the best Freudian slip ever in this thread.
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One more. With Epaulet sweater.

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Just an update for those who are concerned with Walt trousers' fit as I was before.


I'm a 31 rivet and got the 30 walt and fits me almost perfectly (although I may have something against the position of the seat but it's really negligible).

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Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

First Fall Contest Entry: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Nightshade Flannel
Ep Floral Sweater
Carmina Alt Weins

Love those shoes!
Nice fit too!
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Hey guys, for those interested in the MTO autumn speckle herringbone rivet chinos that sold out I have a size 33 that's new with side tabs that I'm getting rid of. I just don't think I would wear them that much, that's all. PM me if you're interested. (Apologies if it's against etiquette, but I wanted to give the Epaulet followers first dibs.)

I bought one of the last UK donegal ivy marl tweeds on sale and they are some of the best trousers I've ever seen. I already had the ironwood, but I'm considering ordering the navy and salt/pepper versions too along with a navy jacket to make a suit. Does anyone here mix and match the navy donegal jacket with the other donegal trousers for maximum versatility?
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Fall Fit Contest Gallery

The gauntlet has been thrown! I put together a Flickr Gallery to hold all of the submission images so far:


If I missed anyone's submission so far, then please let me know and I'll put in in there. I know that a lot of you guys were working hard on photos over Thanksgiving, so we're really jazzed to see what you came up with!

Couple things from my side:


I'm thrilled to say that we'll restart both of these programs within the next few weeks! Our new MTO shirt program is a little bit smaller, yet a bit larger than before. You'll have to order our pattern (chest, body length, collar is fixed), but you can specify a sleeve length. And the options for in-stock fabrics, collars, pockets, buttons, and cuffs is radically expanded. And you can do fun stuff like monograms, contrast collars, and french plackets.

Another thing: we've always had a large amount of guys who like the Gitman Vintage / Ashland Fit. By request, we'll be able to offer MTO shirts in those fits as well.

To that end: we'll have a GONZO factory finds round with shirts in about a week or so. I get the final swatches in a few days. They'll be a ton to choose from - with plenty of pricey European fabrics in there - and the pricing will be great.


You guys have some great watches out there! The one from my fit pic is a Rolex "coke" GMT - it's from the mid 90's. This is definitely my go-to watch, and the one that I wear more frequently than anything else. It's a great size, you can wear it dressed up or dressed down, it's tough, it's waterproof, etc. The case is thinner and smaller than the Submariner, and I have a smaller wrist, so it works better for me. If anyone out there is considering the jump into a Swiss watch, then I'd heartily recommend getting a used GMT. They hold their value exceptionally well - especially if you buy it with papers - so they're easy to resell if you decide that you want something different in the future.

Ever since we stopped carrying MKII watches, I get pretty regular emails asking where to find an affordable entry-level automatic watch. I always recommend three places for this:

1. Seiko 5 watches. These are the cheapest option, and you can often find them on ebay for under $100. This was my first automatic watch, and they're a great value. Most of the designs are pretty fugly, but they have a good amount of minimal, pared-down ones.

2. The Seiko Spirit. You can typically buy it from Seiya Japan. Looks like the dude closed his site until 12/5, but check it out when it comes back up. This watch costs about $350 and it's beautiful in person. I don't think that this value can be matched.

3. For a European product that's getting into the $1K price, check out Junghans, Nomos, or Stowa. All of these brands have great looking, quality pieces. Entry-level Sinn watches are around $1K too. Resell on them is pretty good too, so if you want to trade up to something Swiss down the road, you'll get a good portion back of what you paid for it.


The camera is a Leica M240 with a Summilux 50/1.4. I waited nearly a year on the preorder and just got it a few weeks ago. It's been pretty great, and it's really a joy to use. I've shot film Leica's for years, and there's something to be said for the intimacy of composing images on a rangefinder.

That said, had I known that Sony was going to put out the A7, then I would have surely gotten that over the Leica M. The A7 is a new compact full-frame digital that can take really nice Sony Zeiss glass AND Leica lenses. So much of your final image quality depends upon the sensor and the in-camera processing, and Sony's going to have a pretty serious edge on Leica in that department. Mounting a Leica lens on a Sony full-frame body will give you some of the best digital images possible.
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Fall Contest Entry #2
Epaulet vs. The Black Friday Hoards - "Beating Them To the Pappy" (starring the Fisherman Shawl Collar and Old Rip Van Winkle 10 and Van Winkle Reserve 12)

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