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Originally Posted by breakHARD77 View Post

Hi everyone. Two quick questions...

1. I just bought a pair of duck canvas Rivet chinos in moss, and they are great! The only thing that is bothering me, though, is that I can't seem to get my cuffs right. They look floppy, loose, and just plain BAD compared to other people's cuffs I see in pictures. If anyone could share their cuffing tips with me, it'd be greatly appreciated!

I've found the best bet (for me) is to start the roll with the exact amount that is hemmed (the ~.5 inch stitched edge) and then roll that over on itself to the desired length. While some will prefer a fatter cuff, this way has yielded a nice clean cuff than "hangs" really well and sits nicely on shoes or boots. Plus, when cuffed a few times, the relative bulk of this offsets the smaller cuff size in a nice way.
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Originally Posted by breakHARD77 View Post

Hi everyone. Two quick questions...

1. I just bought a pair of duck canvas Rivet chinos in moss, and they are great! The only thing that is bothering me, though, is that I can't seem to get my cuffs right. They look floppy, loose, and just plain BAD compared to other people's cuffs I see in pictures. If anyone could share their cuffing tips with me, it'd be greatly appreciated!

2. Mike, any plans to release any additional colors in duck canvas? This fabric is awesome!

I just flip mine up once, about 2 or maybe 2.25". I think the duck cloth lends itself really well to being cuffed. There are other materials (autumn speckle herringbone for example) that I can't seem to get the same kind of flipped-up cuff on. They look kinda sloppy, like you said, I might end up just hemming those. But for the ducks I've never had any problems with the cuff. Little by little I'll be buying (and re-buying in some cases) just about every duck color I can get my hands on. I really love the MTO option, since it lets me increase the length (after some trial and error, I found I need a 39" inseam to get the length and cuff height I want), and I much prefer being able to add flaps on the back pockets rather than have the standard Rivet chino pockets.
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I only flip a cuff on my ducks. Just one fat roll.
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Moss rivet while shopping in Las Vegas.
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Originally Posted by tricky View Post

Today MTO Autumn Rivets and EP OCBD...


Very nice. What shirt do you pair with those Autumn RC?

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Thanks! I wore them with the EP blue OCBD layered with a navy cardigan.

Have also worn them with a white collar shirt under a beige merino v-neck
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So according to the measurements the walt trouser has a slimmer thigh than the rivets? Is that correct? Seems like it should be roomier.
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Originally Posted by kwanon View Post

Rancourt natural CXL. Love em, but have no basis of comparison to Oak Street, Quoddy, etc.
Planning to get #8 shell/dainite beefrolls from Rancourt when funds allow.
Would actually rather #8 shell shortwings but haven't come across a pair that I like. The only ones I've really seen are Aldens, but whenever I've seen Aldens in person I don't like them. That's probably akin to blasphemy around here...

Nice, those shoes look great! The three manufacturers in Maine (Quoddy, Rancourt, Highland) are largely making a similar product, and those are really handsome.
Originally Posted by Mr Clemson View Post

The Russet is definitely more versatile (technically), but be bold and go sandy orange! Ha, with full disclosure, I'm an orange guy so of course I'll say orange. I do have the sandy orange though, and I'll post a pic of them next time I wear them.

I'd agree with everyone here. The orange is a bold choice, but you won't regret it.

You'll notice that we do quite a bit in orange and purple. IMO these are great menswear tones which are easy to match and add a great punch to an otherwise standard navy/grey/black outfit.
Originally Posted by Mr Clemson View Post

I finally went to purchase the Walt mocha flannels and they are gone. Dang, that was fast. Any restock or any 32s laying around the shop? If not, any restock or special order for these?

We don't have any restocks planned for Fall Walt trousers, but we most likely have enough cloth here or there to make a few units as specials. There's no extra charge, just a final sale and 4 week lead time. If we're sold out of a fabric that you guys like, please feel free to drop us an email and we'll be happy to hook that up for you.
Originally Posted by tricky View Post

Epaulet x Style Forum contest flannel and APC New Standards
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Oh my god that's a blast from the past!
Originally Posted by adamha21 View Post

I know this has been discussed ad nauseam in this thread, but thinking of doing MTO rivets. I've never worn rivets--only walts and rudys. I wear a 34 in those--but, thigh is borderline too tight (In fact, I've had several of my 34 walts let out in the thigh and I think going forward I'm definitely a Rudy guy).

I was thinking of doing Rivet's in a 35. I hesitate to go two full sizes up to the 36 (even though I can have the waist taken in). Has anyone gone with a 35 in the rivet MTO? It seems the standard advice from most folks is going one size up from your walt size with rivets.

Go with the 35, you'll get that extra room in both the waist and the thigh. You still have fabric to let out/bring in on the waist and the legs, but I'd be pretty confident that you'll get a good fit on it off the rack.
Originally Posted by applky View Post

For some reason I'm really jonesing after this item.

You know, we all dogpiled on to the decision to do a sweatshirt-style X detail, but the more I think about it, the more this crewneck would look great with it. Way more casual than what I usually wear, but I think that's part of the appeal.

Mike are you guys doing a zip hoodie as part of EPLA?

You know it. Hoodie design and patternwork is happening as we speak. I hope to have a sample to show to you guys in a few weeks.
Originally Posted by metalleka View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Caine jacket in navy hopsack, Epaulet shirt and Gustin jeans. You guys think the shoulder fit is passable? And oh yeah, the jacket is pure awesome. Can't wait to sport it at our company's pre-christmas party.

Jacket looks awesome! Thanks for picking it up, and I think that the shoulders fit you nicely.
Originally Posted by scb View Post

If I place an order online for in-store pickup, will I get an email when the order is ready for pickup?

Typically we'll just pull the item. I'd recommend emailing the day before you want to pick it up so that we can check which store that it's at. We're happy to transfer it to your preferred pickup location upon request.
Originally Posted by Samuel220 View Post

Whatever happened to coming out with jeans? 

Couple mo' weeks!
Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

Wisith, dat ruby shell...

@Mike or @Matt - thinking about the new denim release and wondering; What about the original Smith jean released a while back did not make it prudent to continue? What has been changed for the new release that is aimed at correcting whatever defect the Smith jean possessed?

Good question! The original Smith jean was a nice product, and something which a lot of our customers really liked. But as you guys know, the market for raw selvedge denim is pretty saturated. They're quite literally a dime a dozen. The Smith jean was originally intended to compete in that arena and simply be a lower-priced American made alternative to the other product (APC, etc) on the market at that time.

The Wilshire has a different tack. At this point, we move thousands of Rivet Chinos and Walt each year. We have a signature trouser fit that our customers really like. And buying raw selvedge is often such a shot in the dark for fit, shrinkage, and stretching.

So the fit of the Wilshire is crucial. It's not identical to the RC/Walt and it has its own personality, but the idea is that guys can order the same size that they wear in RC's and have a complementary fit. So it's easy for the online customers to give it a shot if they're familiar with our product line.

It will only be offered as a washed garment, and not as a raw jean. I really loved raw jeans, but I've totally come around to this idea. I've had more non-sanforized disasters that I can count - with me buying a $300 pair of jeans and ending up with a hyper-shrunken pair of thick leggings after the first wash. The Wilshire comes as a one-wash model will all shrinkage removed. You can wear them a little tighter than you like and have them stretch to fit slightly. You can also get them hemmed as you like. This one-wash in no way impacts the fading on these jeans. They can be worn and faded like crazy if you choose.

The last bit of the Wilshire is my new production house. It's a small dedicated workshop in downtown LA that just does jeans. We've got great denim, hidden rivets, clean construction, and fit consistency. It won't be the cheapest selvedge on the market, but like everything Epaulet, it will offer a very fair value for the price. That's going to hold true for everything that we make in LA.
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Got some pics for you guys! So we went with a "V" rather than an "X" at the collar to make it a bit more refined. The sample is an incorrect color (we're making the production in navy, forest green, and grey), but it will have that marbled yarn.

The fit is fixed on this and the collar is now the right size. I signed off on this and we put it into work!

You guys will be blown away by how nice this feels. All of my experience in clothing design has always been in traditional garments - mostly woven pieces. Shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, etc. I've never really made casual knits before and it's been a great process to learn about it. We're putting a lot of money into the fabric and the washing on all of these EPLA garments, and the hand on this fabric is really excellent.
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Looks great! I am immediately one board for you. I actually think the heathered red is nice...
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^+1 that looks great. I too like the red. Other colors sound good too and you've got to start with what you anticipate will be the big movers.
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^^ Glad that you guys dig it!

So, the rad thing about all of our knits is that they are garment dyed. We're buying a large roll of neutral-colored fabric and we can then dye it to match any pantone color. We'll start with the basic colors, but it's really easy for us to make a special edition color. Back in the early days of the Epaulet thread we often did projects where customers would vote for certain fabrics/colors and we would make it up. With regards to fleece, t-shirts, henley's, etc, this is very simple to do. If you guys are into a special edition sweat in an exclusive color then we can make that happen.
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We're thrilled to announce the Fall Fit Contest! We're calling on all of our customers to submit their best photos featuring at least one piece of Epaulet Fall clothing, accessories, or footwear. We've got KILLER prizes on offer. Grand prize is a stock VASS SHOE and the Random Ballot prize is a CASHMERE SCARF.

Please note, there will be two winners. The first winner is chosen by a poll, so that will be very competitive. Pair up your best fits with your best photos to win the big prize! The second winner is chosen by random ballot. Everyone who submits a photo has an equal chance of winning. So if you're new to the brand or you're a photography novice, then please don't be discouraged from competing!

Here's the guidelines:

1. The contest will run from today (Wednesday, November 27th) through Wednesday December 11th.

2. Each member is allowed to submit three (3) distinct entries. Each entry can be a single photo or a photo montage (several images in one frame). Please number each entry as you post them. They can be posted all together or one at a time over the entry period. Whatever you prefer.

3. Every fit must contain at least one piece of Fall 2013 merchandise purchased from Epaulet. This includes our Carmina, Alden, and Vass shoes, but does not include third party brand clothing (L.B.M, Gloverall, Schott). Preordered items that were purchased in the Summer but delivered in the Fall such as Southwick Factory Finds and Carmina Group Buys are valid for the contest.

4. Images that were shot earlier in the season can be resubmitted as an entry if you choose

5. The Grand Prize winner will be selected by a polling thread. Epaulet will narrow down all of the entries to the top 20-30 images, as determined by us. Styleforum members will vote for their favorite from this edited group. The winner of the Grand Prize will receive his choice of stock Vass shoe from our assortment. If your size is not in our typical size run, then we will add your prize into a future group buy item. If your size is in our stock, then you must choose something from the current assortment.

6. The Random Ballot winner will be selected at random from all of the participants. Each participant gets one ballot and has an equal chance of winning. The prize is your choice of cashmere scarf (valued at $150-$175).

7. All image copyrights are fully retained by the individuals who shot them. By submitting a photo for this contest, you consent to its potential use in Epaulet New York's social media, which includes Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and E-mail newsletter. All published images will be credited with the creator's Styleforum username.**

** sorry for the legalese here. As a former professional photographer, I like to be clear about image rights. If you post a photo, we may use it in our social media and credit your name. You of course retain all ownership and copyrights over your images.

OK, we can't wait to see what you guys submit! Take some rad pics over the Thanksgiving holiday!
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Thank you for the reply Mike. Excited for the Wilshire.

Sweatshirt also looks like a nice trim body and good details. EPLA line is going to knock it out of the park.

EDIT: pumped to give the contest a go.
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Here's my entry 1:

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