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Finally got to read through all of the Reddit AMA...I am old and had to print it out...saw a few things that piqued some interest

Will you guys still produce the Luchino polos or will the EPLA polo replace these? It seems like you were going to keep both based on the difference in fabric availability but just wanted to clarify

Oxblood Scotchgrain Cordovan from Vass? Please tell me you have a pic of this.

Rudy fit "Bond" selvage denim for Spring 2014...I am going to hold you to this...

Will you get a chance to build the Carmina MTOs for this Friday's drop?
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Wow. Free Vass! I love these contests because a lot of more posters join in. I am envious of the places with lovely fall colors for all the photo opts potential.

I will join in nonetheless.
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Wow what a contest! So generous to the community.

Assuming this doesn't include the FF sportcoats that arrived this fall?

Looking forward to seeing all the entries!
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I'm definitely in for Secret Santa...I definitely can work up some artisanal Seattle! :)

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

One of the best parts: normally finished sleeves with buttons simply attached. So sleeve length altering is a snap. We should be able to accommodate special orders in extended sizes and lengths too.

I'm going to work on the wool sample as well this week. Given the timing I'm not going to do much production in that direction, but if the sample comes out well then I'll have a super-tight lineup of about 6-7 units in a stunning flecked English Tweed.


Oh heck yes!  The normally finished sleeves is awesome for those of us with short arms!


How's the length on this, as I'm typically a short jacket length.  If you have a wool swatch and sizing info, I'm up for preordering one of those wool units... :D

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Oh forgot to ask: is the contest limited to one entry per person? I only plan on submitting one but curious to know nonetheless.
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Oh, Mike and Adele, congrats on expecting your first little one!!  I know that must be exciting.  A bunch of our closest friends are having kids now, but we're holding off for a while and spoiling our english bulldog instead.  :fonz:

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Very cool.  Definitely will put an entry in.  And also in for the Secret Santa 


Man, I need to get those brown mink pants on order before they are gone.....


Congrats to you and Adele.  You are going to love it.  Nothing better than being a dad

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Yes! I haven't read the entire interview yet but also want to congrat you folks on the kid! Surely that will be the most dapper kiddie in pre k!
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Since we're talking about that work jacket and fabrics I'll throw this idea out there without knowing if it's feasible or not: some sort of textures lightweight wool or wool blend, like a basket weave or a hopsack or whatever else is out there that's similar.
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So I totally missed the reddit discussion, but wanted to make a few comments and ask a few questions.  Take the comments with a grain of salt because I have only been really interested in fasion for 1.5 years now.


sizing: "I can't stand when brands have their sizing all over the freaking place".  This means so much to me.  I love the fact that I can buy piece after piece from you and the sizing is always super close.  I have noticed very slight differences in coats and pants, but this is always with different materials and so infinitesimal that it is not a concern at all.  I have only paid attention to style for a year and a half now (ever since I bought a pair of AE instead of Aldo... pandora's box haha) so to be fair, I have not tried that many companies.  I did try another company with similar products that I assumed would be very similar to Epaulet (minus the owner/customer relationship) but was super disappointed when one sweater was too big in a small and another was tight as a medium... cost them money with exchanges and lost my loyalty.  They are now a sale only store for me.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know that to me the consistent sizing is awesome... awesome.


Speaking of sizing, you also happen to make a shirt that seems to be custom tailored to me.  I hate this with all of my heart because whenever I try another company, even after tailoring I am always disappointed with the fit when compared to an Epaulet shirt... If only you had as many shirting options as you do pants... super bummed the grey/purple window pane flannel sold out in medium btw.  If one is returned and you actually remember this post, set it aside, send me a PM and I will buy it immediately.  I totally regret letting that one go!


descriptions:  You mentioned in reddit the enthusiasm for the clothing that you sell.  This really shows in your descriptions.  When I am checking other companies for clothing, I am almost always disappointed in the descriptions of the clothing that they sell.  Whether you mean every word that you say for every piece of clothing that you sell or not, the fact that you take the time to describe each piece as detailed as you do means a lot to me (and I am sure others).  It is a huge selling tool! Sometimes I read descriptions multiple times... I am a nerd I guess


admiral flannel:  So you always have positive things to say about the products you sell (and you should of course), but it was really reaffirming to read your unsolicited  opinion about this sport coat.  I got one on sale and I love it!  The fabric is beautiful and of course the fit is spot on.  People that see me looking in mirrors all of the time must think i am the most vain person ever haha


dont tailor rivets:  You asked if anyone else had issues with seams with rivets.  I just wanted to say that I have 6-7 pairs of rivets and I have not had one issue.  I wear my olive rivets more than any other pant I own... they are my daily pair of "jeans" and I have worn them A LOT!  I like them so much that I got a second pair in the heavy winter weight that you offered last year (still offer maybe?)


31 walt measurements:  Is it possible to post 31' measurements for walts?


blogs:  What style blogs do you follow?


purple: Although I cannot justify purchasing pants right now (Have about 16 pairs of winter pants purchased within a year... 12 are epaulet), purple toned pants will be my next pant purchase due to your enthusiasm... It really sold me. I have a pair of burgundy hopsack walts and a casual burgundy chino from Uniqlo, and they are hard as hell to match with a shirt and jacket; I feel that purple will be much easier.  I do not know why I have put off buying a pair.


lookbooks:  I get why this would be difficult, but you already have fit shots of so many items, it seems that mini look books would be really cool.  IDK the sales side of things, but I can definitely say that when unionmade puts up new look books, it is really exciting.  It also seems to make sense since you obviously enjoy photography and so do some of your customers... just my two cents


speaking of fit pics, i like the fit pics you do of every product.  While most of my purchases are epaulet, I definitely shop a few other places too.  Usually I am dying for a fit pic with a caption stating the size of the model and the clothing.  I am also glad that it seems like your models are wearing untailored examples, because I do purchase clothing from a few other places and one company in particular always has fit pics, but you can tell that every shirt has either been tailored or digitally altered to fit the model... that shit is really annoying!  


work jacket:  I am super excited about this and will probably get a winter version.  That being said, it seems like the perfect article of clothing to be made in a summer fabric. I spent a lot of time looking for a summer linen jacket last year but could not find one in the price point/style I was looking for... I also agree that it is the perfect more casual option for a sport coat.


vass:  I am on a shoe hiatus (focusing on shirts, sweaters and coats), but am super excited about vass.  When I buy my next pair of shoes, it will be vass.  I love that they do EVERYTHING by hand and are under 1K.  I am in the wine industry and artisanal hand made products with a "soul" mean a lot to me.  Although I am excited about Carmina, it seems easier to purchase something at $800 made this way.  I hope you have that bad as special order oxford again... it was sooooooo cool!



Maybe this is a silly question, but when you work with brands like LBM, schott or mackintosh, do you get a say on the fit of the article of clothing, or do you just choose pieces you like and order them with whatever fit they already have?


I think your price point spectrum is fantastic.  Because of your affordable items like Walts/Rivets and shirts, I am on your site often.  Then when something comes up that is out of my price range, I will sometimes make the plunge.  If your focus was on only good value pants/shirts, with me, you would miss the occasional high end sale.  If however you focused on high end, I would not be on the site much because although I love eye candy, it is not at the top of my list.


I am excited about the polos you have coming out.  $80 is perfect.  Do you have an striped options, or are they all solid?  I know solid sells easier, but one can only have so many solid polos IMO. And becuase in Saint Loui we have lots of 100*+ days in the summer, polos are essential! Also, your continued praise of the luchinos really makes me want to give one a try.  Maybe it would be good to have one nicer polo?


Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts, questions and opinions.  Congrats on the new store and the baby on board!

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^ Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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Epaulet blue OCBD barely peeking through here:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by stmaier View Post


Rudy fit "Bond" selvage denim for Spring 2014...I am going to hold you to this...


Rudy denim, that would be a great. I have found Rudy's to be my spot on fit, and all my pants are going "Epaulet Rudy", and I can't find jeans in that fit. In the mean time going to try a pair of Gustins until Epaulet gets Rudy denim; please hurry!

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Originally Posted by Costa View Post

Rudy denim, that would be a great. I have found Rudy's to be my spot on fit, and all my pants are going "Epaulet Rudy", and I can't find jeans in that fit. In the mean time going to try a pair of Gustins until Epaulet gets Rudy denim; please hurry!

I'm a Rudy guy through and through, but I like my denim to fit tighter than my other trousers and chinos, so I'm going to try the first iteration of the new denim line when that's released around Thanksgiving. If they're too tight, I'll have to hold out and wait to see if the more Rudy-friendly fit will be produced in the future.
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