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NIce pic SVB.

I need to sort out my Rivet fit...too snug to wear them as causally as I want right now...
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Sure thing, the next trouser factory finds and Rudy order round will go up next Friday. The process is:

1. I scan swatches of leftover/short run fabrics that we can make into trousers. I pay a bit less for them, so they're typically around 20 or 30% cheaper than our in-season trousers. You can order sizes 28 through 40, including odd sizes. Not only is the price less, but you get access to some really unique fabrics that we couldn't ordinarily offer.
2. The swatches stay up for one week or until the individual fabrics are sold out. Some fabrics can yield 24 trousers, some only 2 or 3.
3. We place the order with the factory and cut it exactly to order. All sales are final for this reason
4. The trousers are delivered between 6 to 12 weeks later. We need this long window because the factory will only put them into work when they have the open capacity
Originally Posted by thebunk View Post

Mike - for the factory find pants next round, can you add a size 35 as an option? I don't think it currently exists on the site.


Already answered smile.gif

Mike, could you post up the measurements for the size 35 Walt? I'd be curious to see what the change to 35 waist would do to the pattern measurements. I typically reduce the waist by .5" to .75" on my 36 Walts, so it'd be great to know where it would end up with the waist, thigh, and leg opening measurement on the odd size down. Thanks!
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I've seen a few different opinions on staying the same size or sizing up for Walts. Website says they're same but just want to make sure I get my factory finds order right.

I have about 10-12 rivets all in 33 but don't have any Walts. The lighter weight ones seem a bit roomier in the waist than the heavier weights but all fit well. Would you recommend sticking to 33 in Walts?
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Ashland vs Epaulet sizing question:

I love my Epaulet in-house Mediums, particularly the slimness in the torso/waist/arms, but I've lately been thinking I might need a little more room in the shoulders and chest. It looks like an Epaulet Large and an Ashland Medium have identical shoulder/chest measurements. Of those two, which one is slimmer in the waist, or is otherwise closer in over all fit to an Epaulet Medium?
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I'm looking to upgrade my wardrobe a bit. If I wear a medium in Lands End Canvas ocbd, would I also wear a medium in Epaulet's ocbd?

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I'm guessing you're a large. Double-check measurements on the website to be sure.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Uniqlo x 2

English bulldog that we just rescued


Thank you for doing a rescue, the dog we have now is one. The dog in my avatar was my best friend smile.gif
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Saddle cordo Salinger double monk is tempting me beyond reason tonight. Such a piece of art. Must resist...
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great time at the store yesterday
thanks! CJ
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Originally Posted by dinted voice View Post

I have removed darts on two shirts pretty easily. One before washing and another after a year of wear. Both were patterned and I had no issues. My guess on how much it adds is probably 2 inches.

Did you do it yourself with a seam ripper or did you get a tailor to do it?
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Liberty shirt today:

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You pull that off well Wisith 

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Originally Posted by Don L View Post

You pull that off well Wisith 
Thank you, Don! I was going to wear the Kilted loafers today, but it's kinda cold to be sockless shog[1].gif
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Boys first time on the ice today, Moss Rivets and Pinpoint Oxford:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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1) Forza Napoli
2) Great color on that Stark
3) Overall, a very basic, yet well constructed combo
4) Good times smile.gif
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