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Those are two of my faves...not horrible decisions at all, especially once it starts getting a little warmer!

Carmina Boots today:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by oisin View Post

I'm 6'5", between 180 and 190 (trying to get back closer to 180!). I have a Caine in a 38 but it needed a lot of tailoring and I'm still not 100% happy with the fit. May try to sell at some point and re-order. On the recent factory finds jackets I was deciding between a 40 and 41 and ended up with the 41 (in extra long). I wish I had known a bit more about my sizing and how different companies size coats when I first ordered -- I have plenty of coats with 17.5 and 18" shoulders that fit fine now. 17" on the 38 is just a bit narrow and it took some work to get the chest right on it too. Anyway, I would say start with the shoulder. If you have a coat that fits you well, measure the shoulders. I have a feeling a 40 will be right for you but really depends on your build. If you are ordering custom anyway (long or extra long) you can specify in between sizes (so a 39, 41, etc) to dial it in.

Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

I would recommend a 40 oboy. I'm shorter than you are, but probably have similar shoulder/chest dimensions and I went with a 40 on a different suit from Epaulet.

Thanks for the input. I'm leaning towards 40, too, but just thought I'd put it out there!
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Received my first Epaulet shipment today.  Bought a few staples, Navy and Stone Sanded Canvas Slim Walts.  Could not be happier. I have a feeling this is going to snowball in a similar fashion to my now significant Alden, um, problem. 


Tried to put together a suit, with the Weller and the 120's Walt trousers as well, but it looks like I am going to have to go the special order route on the Jacket.  Wouldn't have ordered any of it if it wasn't for the 14 day return window for SF members. 


Anyways, always looking for recommendations, if anyone has any particular EP staple items in their regular rotation that you suggest I take a look at, let me know and I will check them out.  

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Originally Posted by milesbeyond View Post

Hey Mike,

I know you guys have the duck canvas in navy in the Walt cut, but any chances of it ever being used on the Rivet chino? Love the toughness of my caramel ducks and the fit and rise of the Rivet is exactly what I was looking for.

On another note, I was looking to pick up Oboy's Purple Herringbone shirt but just based on measurements, I think I'm right inbetween an L and an XL in the Epaulet shirt line. For reference, a medium in the regular fit of J. Crew shirts fits me perfectly (even with their inconsistent sizing) and their slim line is a bit too tight for me.
 I think the Epaulet line may border the slim fit of J. Crew per what I've read. Anyone else that wears a J. Crew medium chime in on their sizing experience with the different shirts Epaulet offers? That's partially why I was hesitant on ordering some of the FF. Maybe the Navy label is what I have to stick to?

Thanks! Yes and no on the navy duck, we're going to release a stone washed navy duck canvas rivet chino with a small twist in the design. Should drop in about 4-6 weeks.

And most guys who wear J.Crew shirts end up sizing up one for Epaulet. You could buy the same size in Navy Label.

Originally Posted by ojaw View Post

3 times a charm?
Still looking for a point collared chambray, any chance of that Mike?

Hmm, I don't have that exact shirt in the works, but stay tuned, we've got about 10 new shirts going live in the next 2 days. Might be something else that you dig in there.
Originally Posted by Randomore View Post

Want to order a couple chinos and shirts and had a couple questions as far as fit.

I have a couple west is dead chinos and I am a perfect 32 on those. Does anyone have both to compare? I'm usually a 34 on most other brands.

Gitman Vintage I am a perfect L. Should I size up for the house brand? I wear a M for J crew as well, I know someone mentioned them for comparison.

Thanks in advance. Love this stuff.

Thank you. For the chinos, I'd recommend measuring the rear waistband to get an idea of sizing. Provided you can normally wear slim-ish pants and jeans, then the legs will most likely work for you.

For shirts, our Ashland Large is going to spot on. Those are made by Gitman Brothers with a slightly modified version of the Vintage fit. In mainline Epaulet shirts, you'd wear a Large or XL, but most likely an XL.
Originally Posted by Kashiwa View Post

Are the olive moleskin walts as brown as they look on the ep site?

No, they're definitely a true olive, there's no brown cast to them.
Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

Napoli SC sizing question--though applicable for all SC fits I suppose.

I'm 6'3" ~175lbs. I typically buy Large Epaulet shirts, but sometimes wash/hot dry them to get them down a little for a really good fit. I think I'm just a little between an M and L. Ashland label size Medium fits me great.

Is the 40 going to be my best bet w/ a little tailoring in the body vs. the 38? Of course, always variations but looking for some input.


I'd put you into a 40R jacket. I can wear an Epaulet large, but I need to special order a 41 jacket. You might need to tailor the coat a bit to really dial it in, but I imagine that the 40 will give you a pretty solid fit straight off the rack.
Originally Posted by Abecedarian View Post

At Disney with the girls. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Gun metal rivets (with much wear)
EP seersucker shirt
Awesome, your kids are really cute! And I'm officially jealous that you're in Disneyland.
Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

Looks great Abe! We'll be there next Feb hopefully!

Carmina Jumpers and Italian Navy Donegal Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That jacket pattern is super boss. Jumpers are looking tight!
Originally Posted by Spandexter View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality

Walt Stone Sanded UK Canvas.

Nice! I really dig that combo
Originally Posted by 70gransport View Post

Just received my first Ashland OCBD shirt in the mail the other day. Want to thank James for the help, the shirt fits wonderfully. My next plan is to loose some weight so I can fit back into some of my old EP short sleeves this summer.

Also, will you guys be redoing the denim from a couple season back? I suspect not, but I am really loving those jeans and they are starting to get a little worn and would love to replace them. Thanks again for being such a kick ass business!

Thank you sir! We've got two new Ashland shirts going up in the next day or two. Some killer patterns in there.

And for the denim, I've got a little something up my sleeve. I'm just waiting for the fabric to be delivered. It won't be exactly what we did before, but will be a really unique piece. We're planning a release date around May.
Originally Posted by CaliforniaSon View Post

Anybody know if there are more shirts going up today?

Yup, going to work on them tonight and put them up as they're finished.
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Did someone return a medium Loro Piana Mac? There was a 36/small that i was planning to buy on friday but it's gone now and there is a medium in its place censored.gif

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^ you really cant go wrong with the blue OCBD. 


edit:  @ DCRoyal

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Is it just me or has the cut of the rivet chinos changed a fair bit? The calves are looser and legs a fair bit longer in my newest pair (purchased a month or so ago), compared to a pair I bought nearly a year ago. I prefer the 'newer' fit.
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I thought just the length increased a bit.

Also, what are the slimmest shirts that Epaulet carries?
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Originally Posted by johnH123 View Post

Is it just me or has the cut of the rivet chinos changed a fair bit? The calves are looser and legs a fair bit longer in my newest pair (purchased a month or so ago), compared to a pair I bought nearly a year ago. I prefer the 'newer' fit.

compared to a year ago, then i believe the answer is yes.
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It's been a good long while since a Rudy pre-order. Any chance one's coming? Wore my air force today....
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Originally Posted by k9n View Post


What shoes is the model wearing in the above link? TIA!

They look like Epaulet handsewns

Ranger mocs essentially
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Not sure how this made it to the sale section, but you're welcome someone.

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Navy Herringbone Daltrey and Tan Moleskin Walts:



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Any idea when Navy Label OCBD blue/white will be restocked for small/x-small?
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