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This tobacco guncheck weller, what's the weight?
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Navy-Grey Cash is confounding....
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Just nabbed a cranberry windowpane, my god, I can't wait to get it. Thank you Mike!
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wool-silk Glen plaid is really sharp!

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Southwick Factory Finds

First batch is up! I've got about five heavy-tweed Daltrey's to add to the mix. But you can see some very choice selections already:

For today, this thread is the only place that we're going to communicate these coats. They'll go out in our newsletter and social media tomorrow morning. So you guys have first crack at everything!


Wool-silk POW kopped.


Hate to nag, but: Do you know when the tweed Daltreys will be up?

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Got the spring Napoli check. Would get the tobacco guncheck but the pattern looks the same as the Brown houndstooth, which I already have (albeit in a size that's too large). Can't justify a duplicate, even at this insane price!

Thanks Mike and team for a great deal!
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Originally Posted by hookem12387 View Post

This tobacco guncheck weller, what's the weight?


It's slightly heavier than the usual Super 120's that we run. I'd say it's a good three season jacket for most parts of the country.


Originally Posted by streetlight View Post

Just nabbed a cranberry windowpane, my god, I can't wait to get it. Thank you Mike!


Oh my god! It's KILLER. You're really gonna dig it.

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Damn, the wool-silk grey POW literally sold out from under me while I was in paypal. Kudos to those that got it

The sell out forced me into the navy herringbone napoli blazer. I had been wanting a less formal blazer anyway
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How many Factory Find jackets are going up in total?
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The Daltreys are going up as I type. This is just one of many, but it's oh so good!

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For those of you who missed out on the grey Donegal Daltrey we ran last year, here's your chance to snag it! This fabric is seriously my perfect F/W jacket.


Factory Find Daltrey Grey Donegal w/Red Flecks

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I definitely would have picked up the harris tweed one had I lived in the US. The cranberry one looks pretty damn good as well.

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Was the Caine retired?
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I saw the factory find I like. Then I had to run to a meeting and now it's GONE....

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Originally Posted by althanis View Post
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I've had to pay; but I don't remember what percentage it was.



Originally Posted by rennavate View Post

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I've almost always had to pay duties/brokerage for Epaulet packages. USPS just gets given to Canada Post and they make me pick up all packages from the post office and charge me fees.



Originally Posted by HughJ View Post
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You should have to pay tax (13% for Ontario), but not duty since they are made in the USA. I don't think USPS/CanPost collects for brokerage.



Originally Posted by velomane View Post
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Importations are subject to GST and PST, where applicable or HST where that exists. Because most of Epaulet's gear is made in the USA, they are exempt from duty under NAFTA. Occasionally, if I'm lucky, a parcel will get through without any fees whatsoever. I think that depends on what kind of day the Customs inspector is having.

Regarding brokerage, Customs charges a flat rate, I think $10 now, for every parcel that they subject to tax/duties.



Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Sorry about that - our European products typically get delivered once a season, and once they sell out, they don't return until the following year.

Yup, most people sized down 2" in the Hardie. It can stretch out if it needs to as well, so it's possible that a true 37 could also wear a 34 in the sweater.
The actual fits are all pretty similar. The names just denote the details. Weller is standard sportcoat. Daltrey has patch and flap pockets for a more substantial look. Napoli has a soft unconstructed shoulder. Most guys would take the same size in all of them.

The Marcello was an Italian made jacket that was really tight. It's been discontinued. All of the Factory Finds coats are made by Southwick in our proven shapes.
Email's the best way. Contact[at]


The taxes on items sent to Canada are pretty reasonable - I've never received a complaint about it. Since we use USPS, you avoid the additional brokerage charge that private carriers like UPS and FedEx can access. This is a significant amount. When goods are made in the USA, I know that a portion of duties are eliminated, but you're still charged some form of VAT sales tax - just as if you bought the item at a Canadian retailer. We ship about a dozen orders to Canada every day, so the process is definitely smooth and the duties are reasonable.

Another thing that we do is "bundle" orders for International customers. Many guys will place an order, pay the shipping charge, and ask us to hold it. They'll then place a few more orders with the "Store Pickup" option (no shipping charge) and we'll put that together with the item that they originally bought. We can ship everything together when they give us the word.

The shipping charge is fixed no matter how much you buy, so this allows you to make several purchases but only pay once for shipping.

Thanks everyone for explaining the duties/brokerage fee situations. The bundle order is a great idea!!

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