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Do you know when the next run of pre-order trousers will be that has some of the "standard" fabrics, like the cotton twills and navy flannels?
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

^ They are going to fit very similarly. I have noticed my wool Walts fit a touch slimmer than my Regiments in the same tagged size, but I only have one wool pair, in the flannel which is a heavier fabric, so that might influence it.
There are members here w/ dozens of pairs, so I'll let them have the last word...

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They all fit about the same. Any variation seems mostly due to the fact that Walts are all hand cut. Thicker fabrics make up a tad larger than thinner ones, but the difference in my experience is in millimeters, not inches or anything.

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i just got my navy steep twill walt's. they seem to fit much looser in the thigh than any of my other walts...

Thank you gentlemen!
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Originally Posted by neutrino View Post

Also, while we're on topic of walt sizing, do more people actually size up from their chino size, compared to those who take the same size?

I take 32 chinos and 30 walts,
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I take a 31 in the chinos and 32 in the Walt, but I get them taken in to become a 31.

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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

I take a 31 in the chinos and 32 in the Walt, but I get them taken in to become a 31.
Today: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Nice sweater - who made it?
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^J. Crew.
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Pekingman--Epaulet do deliver to China! I've received a couple orders no problem.

Yes, this is absolutely true. Although we don't have shipment to China built into our online site, anyone in the mainland can always email us and we can send over shipping quotes and options. Although most people there prefer to route the packages through friends or family in Hong Kong to avoid import taxes. Shipping to HK is extremely fast and easy.




Don't say that too loudly - my wallet might hear! Shipping to Hong Kong is a good way to keep my Epaulet spending down - but good to know though that if there is something I really can't wait for, that shipping to China is possible.


I just arrived back from my trip where I collected my factory finds .... One minor glitch - I went almost with an empty suitcase as I was picking up 2 shirts and 2 pairs of linen trousers, and figured I could wear those while I was in Hong Kong. I forgot though that the factory finds are supplied at an unfinished 36-inches (+) length, so I had to get creative with a hotel sewing kit ..!


Outstanding quality as ever for the trousers. If pushed I would say the herringbone blue linen is my favourite - by far the softest linen I have ever handled - quite amazing in fact. I was a bit surprised how "lime" the "pale lime" linen turned out - but only in a good way smile.gif Can't wait to rock those next summer.


The only problem is that I would *really* like to put a 1.5/2-inch cuff on the chartreuse heavyweight tweed - but with a 34-inch inside leg, even with the generous length of the trousers (more like 37 than 36 inches) this just isn't going to work. Has anyone had a fake cuff tailored on a pair of Walts in a thick cloth? I had my guy do this earlier this year on a pair of linen trousers, but I'm not sure how it will work on these trousers. 


Looking now at the latest gallery of fabrics - that fire-red corduroy is looking mighty tempting....

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^ going forward, you can request a 38" unfinished inseam on factory finds. I have a 34" inside leg length as well, so I made this request for the second round and got a 2" cuff put on my russet nailheads.
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Epaulet baby camel hair SC, with Air Force flannels.

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^ That's a great look. Camel hair pairs well with the air force blue.
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Are you planning on adding any new stuff to the Epaulet NY site before all the stock is transferred to that site?

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for those who were looking for LA tailor recs, I am going to rescind my rec for paul's. He did a good job on my caine sportcoat that is too small for me frown.gif but I just took in a bunch of suits and sport coats I got on eBay and etsy and things did not come out well at all. I will go back and I'm sure he can fix it, but it's annoying when you go in to pick up, ask if you should try stuff on and he says no no it's perfect I promise and then things are a total mess. George always asks if you want to try things on.
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Waaaahooooooo!  It may have taken 25 days but my Epaulet package has arrived!!!  Go go shipping to Canada :P


Pics will be coming in the next day or two after I get the Walts adjusted - everything looks and feels great, I am very excited! 

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Recieved the Thorogood boots and they are too small......bummers frown.gif
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Kickin' it old school, 12 oz old rivets.
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