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Order Confirmations

If any of you guys DON'T receive an order confirmation via email, please let me know. It should come through within 15 minutes or so.

We'll work to ship out as much as possible by Tuesday. You should also get an automatic email with your tracking info. That's for everybody, not just those paying with paypal.

We're going to jazz up both of those notifications with some HTML and images, but the basic text templates should come through for you already.

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Wow, just snagged a shirt, a pair of trousers and that Loro Piana jacket in 36. One observation: no option for in-store pickup. Anyone else notice this?

Mike, PM sent.
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Incredible discounts! Thanks for the inside info, Mike. Picked up a polo, waistcoat and PJs. Was eyeing the Marcello guncheck when it disappeared before my eyes. :(

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Originally Posted by thecool85 View Post

Man, you ain't lying at all. You have to love how we have no transitional period at all. It went from summer in November to flat out freezing in a day.
Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Oh, that's a PERFECT piece for LA.

Kopped. Damn didn't buy any shoes this month but with these Epaulet purchases and SNS, way over my head need to get back to trading some derivatives shog[1].gif

And yeah LA was crazy cold, left my apartment in just a shirt to go down Hollywood for a bit and pretty much froze to death

How does one clean camelhair? And also for the blackwatch trousers they pair with most base / neutral colors right?
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Thanks Mike! I just bought two pairs of canvas Walts - butterscotch and olive. These will be my first clothing purchase from Epaulet and I'm really looking forward to getting them!


It's spring here in Australia and these would be perfect.

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Question about the sizing on the Marcello jackets. The L shirts fit me really well, but I've never tried on a Weller or Kaine sportscoat. For point of reference a 41 in the Fitzgerlad fit from Brooks Brothers is pretty good on me off the rack. I'm really tempted by the nailhead, but I'm worried it's going to be too snug w/ the Neopolitan fit.


Also, what is the width on the ties?

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New site looks great Mike! Just wish there was more old Rudy stock sitting around that I could pick up at a deep discount!
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

Tried on that wool cashmere in store and its sick... beautiful piece...I wish I wasn't so busted, and now that Spiewak...icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Epaulet Camel Hair
Gitman Blue Flannel
Olive Flannels from FF#1
Cigar Brixton

Quoting this if anybody is on the fence for camel hair
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I'm really bummed there was no 36 in the Camel Hair.

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I can't seem to find shirt measurements on the new site layout -- are they missing or am I just going blind?
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Originally Posted by Jobst View Post

I can't seem to find shirt measurements on the new site layout -- are they missing or am I just going blind?

It's missing on most pages, just check original epaulet site
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Viewing the new site on an iPhone is pretty slick. Didn't try to buy anything. Order already submitted, but points for mobile friendy, and fair warning boys. That'll cost us, I think.
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would you be able to make a Wakefield Topcoat with a hidden placket? i would buy the shit out of that.
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What's the width of the ties?

Edit: Just snagged the brown houndstooth sport coat in my size, which hadn't been in stock for a long time. And with that I completed the full 3-piece!

Further edit: For the Mackintoshes, if I wanted to wear one over a suit, should I size up or go with my normal jacket size?
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God, I would jump on that camel hair with two feet if they had my size left. 

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