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First order. Now debating sportcoats and the like

Would the Navy Window Pane or Brown Houndstooth be more wearable with random trousers?
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God damnit... Marcello purchased.
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Thanks Neutrino not sure how I missed that

Some of the size selectors aren't showing, however. Danged phone
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Are only the size 28 modified walt shorts on sale? The other sizes appear to be regular price.. :/
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Burnt umber plaid Walts not listed on the new site in 34... must have had a sense that I was considering them... Unless this is one of those inventory

Otherwise it's as if Mike has decided to move Christmas up a but. Some extremely appealing deals and I am currently testing the shopping cart and payment features. Stand by.
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So much win, curse my broad shoulders.
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Originally Posted by ThomSquared View Post

God damnit... Marcello purchased.


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Anybody know how warm the peacoat is?

I have 2 weeks in oregon coming up in december, and I can't decide between the peacoat and the M65 jacket.

Also, those discounts are ridiculous; I just wish I'd gotten on there quick enough to pick up a 36 Rudy for sizing before the pre-order.

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Guncheck Marcello, yes please. Hopefully the stock was correct!
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Tried the cramertons almost a year ago in the Manhattan store. I didn't purchase then but wow, there's almost a full run ON SALE?!? I haven't been following this thread as closely but boy am I glad I came in on a whim icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Mike, the price on the size 28 Walt Madras shorts is listed as $65 but all the other sizes are still at $125.

I assume all sizes are the discounted price? let me know when that's fixed and I'll grab a pair.
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Thank you guys!

I'll get back to everyone's points, but if you have any questions on sizing, feel free to call us.

I'm at the Brooklyn store until 6PM EST @ 718-522-3800

Dylan and Matt are at the Manhattan store until 7PM EST @ 212-228-3626
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I am completely in love with this jacket. So far, it's the perfect NYC Fall piece.


Daltrey Wool/Cashmere Oatmeal Tattersall

Epaulet Blue Oxford Cutaway Collar Popover

Carmina Salinger Double Monk Caramel Calf

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How warm is the camel hair that was just added?
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Sick, snagged a golden brown regiment twill and XL camo shirt.
Thanks for putting these up for us!
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