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Originally Posted by thecool85 View Post

So I just build a new computer, and everything's working great except whenever I try to place an Epaulet order, the item in the basket disappears. I can place orders just fine on our other computer, but this is an issue I'd definitely like to resolve sooner than later. Anyone know why that might be? For the record, I'm using Google Chrome.

Chrome as well, nothing like what you mention. I'd just try another browser to see if it works.


BTW, Mike - the great website revamp coming soon? 

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Originally Posted by ThomSquared View Post

I'm an idiot Mike, my bad, I meant the leather Mulberry jacket. Is it possible to special order that same color/style for this season?
So pissed I missed out on it, really wanted use part of my bonus on a fly leather jacket and the mulberry was perfect.

Ah unfortunately we're tapped out of them for this season, but I'm definitely running the Eisenhower suede again for Spring '13 and we'll most likely do another shot of the Mulberry as well. Both of them would be totally wearable Mar - early June.
Originally Posted by amathew View Post

I recently got my first pair of Rivet's (French blue duck canvas) and want to get a second pair. Since I live in Denver 
and it's allready freezing outside, I want to get another pair of the duck canvas chninos, but none of the colors really 
appeals to me. Are there any plans for more duck canvas color offerings in the near future?

Not for the immediate future, but check out the Heavyweight Twills (Olive or Taupe) - they're actually the thickest and warmest chinos in our arsenal.
Originally Posted by Epoq View Post

Really want a pair of the Alden "Officer's Indy" boot you guys made.  Missed out last year.  Any chance more of these will be made?  I'd love to buy a pair for this winter.

Hmm, not that exact shape. We definitely have some Alden makeups on order for the season, but I'm honestly not sure when they're arriving. Once they do, we'll post them up in this thread before anywhere else.
Originally Posted by ryosuke View Post

anymore shirts coming out for this season?

Always. I expect to drop our "Navy Label" oxfords in the next week or two. And there's always new stuff up our sleeves.

We're going to check on a reorder of that Purple Herringbone, that thing moved out fast!
Originally Posted by ascher07 View Post

Anybody have any experience with the xim last loafers? They look gorgeous.
I'm just not sure what size I am in this line. I wear 12's in my Sid Mashburn double monks, but a 13 in my Saks Fifth boots, but an 11 in Oak Street Bookmakers loafers.
Any advice?

I'd say a size 11 in them based on your Oak Street sizing. We used to make our handsewns at the same factory, and most guys would take the same size in the Carmina handsewn as they do the Oak Street / Yuketen / Epaulet Sewn by Hand product.

HUGE jump up in quality and comfort though. You'll absolutely love these.
Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

His and hers today, plus a treat I think a lot of you guys will dig... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The artist and her work:
I'm totally jealous she can paint, and sew and do cool shit like that. Warning: MODSpoiler! (Click to show)
New bespoke overcoat, fabric is from 1936 and is the heaviest thing I've ever handled...prob close to around 40 oz. Design inspired by an English mod 60's coat I saw on eBay.

Haawww, you guys are cute!
Originally Posted by sask boot View Post

Have the invoices for cognac bal boot been sent out?

Working on all of them right now - we've got you covered
Originally Posted by ascher07 View Post

Hawthorne Handsewn Moc Snuff Suede


Whitman Split-toe Loafer Caramel Calfskin

I cannot decide.

Both of are great choices. Different vibe on them though:

The Hawthorne is a handsewn. It's lighter and softer. Although you can dress it up, at heart it's a more casual style.

The Whitman is a true dress loafer. You could wear this with a navy suit and be perfectly conservative in it. As a goodyear welted style, it will be considerably longer wearing.

So, both of them are pretty versatile. They could be worn with jeans or with trousers. With socks or barefoot. But the Hawthorne will lend itself better to casual wear than the Whitman, and vice versa. And the goodyear welting of the Whitman gives it a higher price, but will ultimately result in a longer period of wear down the road.
Originally Posted by gyasih View Post

Anymore "factory finds" available?

Yup, we've got one final round of Factory Finds and Rudy orders going up in about a week.
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I'm being so picky with your Carminas, as I haven't pulled the trigger on a pair yet. The long wings, jump boots and alt weins are all so close, but I've got shoes that are just too similar. If the long wings had blind eyes, the alt weins only brogueing on the cap and the jump boots a regular welt, I would've jumped. But I wait patiently, and love the fact that you are using the Forest last - it is, for me, perfect.

Please consider bringing the 797 to the states!
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Yeah, I *almost* balked at the purple herringbone shirt because it was a little more than I anticipated it being, but after seeing that there was only one left in my size the day the shirts launched, I figured contemplation would only transition to disappointment.
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New Site & Trouser Preview:

We're grinding away on the new website! Here's some preview shots of the new design:

It's coming along really well, and I'm hoping to have the site active and available for testing in about two weeks. We're retaining our basic side-nav structure, but adding top drop downs and cleaner images. As a customer, you'll notice a few big improvements over our existing site:

1. Cleaner layout and easier browsing through categories. More robust search abilities
2. 1000px zoom images pop up within the item (not in a separate window) and you can flip through all zoom images easily
3. Measurements will be a clean HTML popup rather then my handicrafted excel spreadsheet images
4. Immediate tracking number emails dispatched for EVERY order
5. Robust customer accounts. If you choose to make an account (you don't have to) you can see much more of your order history
6. New arrivals section which is sorted chronologically. They'll also be a New Arrivals Blog that will show all of the new product along with our comments on it - like what we do on this thread. That way you can go there and get a really solid overview of everything new
7. We'll most likely add some new blogs too. I love shooting photos so they'll be a photography blog. And I'll do a kind of Staff blog where our guys can talk about all sorts of things that aren't necessarily clothing related. Book reviews, album reviews, cocktail recipe, weird ramblings. Pictures of Sunday's Ghostface Killah concert. Just a cool way for everyone to get to know us.
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Oh, and the new trousers that I promised in the last post. These are coming on Tuesday in Walt fit. They'll be available for Rudy orders in a few weeks.

Navy Steep Twill

These will be some of the best cotton trousers that we've ever run. Steep Twill is a killer fabric, and this is a perfect dark navy. You'll be retiring those jeans for the season once these hit your doorstep!

Blackwatch Super 120s

This is going to be so freaking boss it hurts. Blackwatch tartan in a suiting weight wool. A limited amount of matching jackets (about 8 or 9) can be made on request for $795.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Blackwatch Super 120s
This is going to be so freaking boss it hurts. Blackwatch tartan in a suiting weight wool. A limited amount of matching jackets (about 8 or 9) can be made on request for $795.

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I'm really glad to see more of the steep twill; it's one of my favorite fabrics from you guys.
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Mike: If the Carminas came in already, you expecting the pythons to clear customs soon? icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Olive Windowpane Rudy from FF Round 1 arrived today. Can't wait for my tailor to get these back to me. Thanks Mike, Adele & the EP crew!
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Originally Posted by mrpo0nani View Post


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Originally Posted by luzer View Post


I'll see the final pricing on Tues, but I believe that they'll end up at $215. Gorgeous Italian cloth on that. The Steep Twills will be $175.
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Those blackwatch pants are baller.

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Loving nearly everything I am seeing - fantastic stuff mike. If only we had this kind of style, quality and price in Australia. So many decisions so little monies. Before I pull the trigger on some trousers can anyone who is a smaller gent comment on the rise? I'm a size 30 and I'm a little concerned about the 12.5" rise on the slim walts. I have plenty of suit pants that are 10-10.5" and I'm not sure I would want to go much higher....thanks.

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