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Grabbed the blue and white windowpane plus the plum herringbone bit dayum, those French blues and olive over shirt!
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^olive over shirt does look great in the fit pics.
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chiming in to the question about your favorite piece of Epaulet gear....I gotta go with my Caramel Duck Rivets. For a casual pant, they're just about as versatile as you can get, yet without looking like a boring pair of khakis. That golden caramel color gives it just enough edge to set it apart from all the other khaki chinos that every other guy on the street is wearing.
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Hate to beat a dead horse, but when can we expect delivery of the most recent factory finds? biggrin.gif
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Was waiting for my "Christmas in October" bonus from work in order to turn over and buy the leather Eisenhower jacket and now the medium is gone... FML.

Mike, is the leather Eisenhower available for a special order or was it a one and done item?
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Re: favorite Epaulet piece discussion...

Seeing as many of my favorites have already been mentioned, I'll limit myself to consideration of my other items. If we were going by the objective amount of wear, it'd definitely be my Smith jeans. However, subjectively, I think I'm going to have to vote for the charcoal flannel shirt. That thing is just so damn soft, it's ridiculous. It was my second purchase from Epaulet, probably about 2 years ago now, and it's only gotten better with wear.

Now if I could vote for the piece I most regret not having picked up back when I actually had the money for it, it'd definitely be those caramel duck rivets... I love my plum ducks, but man, the duck cloth is so great it'd be nice to have it in a more versatile color.
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Been thinking about this 'favourite piece' thing and out of all the Epaulet stuff I've bought - sportscoats, trousers, shoes, shirts, you name it - the much-missed Smith jeans are my favourite. They're not my 'nicest' or most expensive or most complimented Epaulet purchase but I have 2 pairs of the Cone Mills version that are hands down the best fitting jeans I've ever owned.
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its really funny bc my EP jeans didnt fit me well at all. i was so bummed too. it was my 2nd nice pair of jeans i ever bought and they have sat in my closet ever since.
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I want to make my first purchase from Epaulet seeing how wonderful their clothes are and how nice Mike (?) is.


I am a college student and I have a small collection of shoes:




Indy, Ravello boot, Cigar LWB


I was thinking the 10oz caramel canvas rivets. Would this be a good option? Other suggestions are welcome! I do love the color of the caramel, though.

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Mike, the new shirts look awesome! I snapped up the cream red/blue and can get one more this week. Which one seems to be going the fastest? I'll snag that and hope that there are still mediums of the last two a couple weeks from now.

Btw, thanks for returning the pm.
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Would it be possible to special order one of the flannel shirts without a buttondown collar or chest pocket?
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When do you expect a restock of the chromexel Steinbeck boots? (Sorry, I think you mentioned this earlier but I can't find it now.)

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Does anyone have a picture wearing Epaulet's Mulberry Leather Jacket aside from whats on the site? Trying to figure out the sizing.
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The plum shirt looks purple, not plum. Has anyone seen it in person?

Re: favorite Epaulet item: I'll make yet another plug for the natural chromexcel belt. I wear mine probably more than I wear any other single article of clothing, excluding outwear. It is just a great, simple, versatile belt that always seems to work.
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I think my fave two pieces are the Grape Flannel Walts and the Grey Cargo Flannel Walts from last year. I also love the cardigan sweater I bought last year, but bought it a size too small, and they don't have anymore in that color...frown.gif Been behind, wore the Grape Flannels today, Gunmetal Rivets yesterday...will post pics shortly...
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