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I was hesitant on buying them at first, Mike. But I'm glad I did. They get tons of compliments. I'm trying to enjoy them before the weather becomes too cool. Not to worry though, I still have 4-5 pairs of winter friendly Walts I acquired in the last 1-2 months that have yet to be worn!
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Chris: explain the cardboard lemonade stand box behind you!


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





cardboard indeed lol8[1].gif


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A poor picture of my caine blazer. The shirt sleeves are very shrunken, so the sleeves look longer on the jacket than they are. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Who makes the trousers? They don't look Epaulet...
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

cardboard indeed lol8%5B1%5D.gif
HAHA. WOW. From your outfit picture, it really looks like cardboard! I dig your pad too. Is that an apt or condo?
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Got my pair of plain jane 403s in the mail today, thanks as always!
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Who makes the trousers? They don't look Epaulet...
Nah, they're J Crew. I don't have enough Epaulet stuff to wear it non-stop. A few pair of pants per Rudy order period should take care of that, though, haha.
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I feel like this is just rubbing it in at this point, but oh man, the air force flannels are sweet. I work at a pretty conservative office, and I never imagined a pair of pants could be so kickass and yet so work-appropriate.
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Question for you guys - what is your favorite piece you have ever purchased from Epaulet? I would love to hear about it.

No cheating and saying 10 things and what you like about them, just pick one, and explain why! I know it's difficult, as there is so much kick-ass stuff, just wondering what your all-time favorite is, and if anything rises to the top as the favorite for multiple peeps.

I'll start it off.

I love my green ripstop rivet chinos. The fit on them is fantastic, the color is great, they are reminiscent of a pair of bdu's but also different enough in cut that they don't look like I bought them at the surplus store (not that there is anything wrong with that). Color is spot on. You can't see the ripstop from a distance, but, up close, it gives the fabric a nice texture. Also, the fabric is relatively lightweight, so I can wear them all the time (except for in the depths of winter in Vermont). I have worn them probably 75 times. They don't dress WAY up, but I can get away with wearing them plus a sweater and a collared shirt in most business casual environs.

I love 'em.
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olive heavyweight rivet chinos, 12oz


goes with everything

can wear year round (bay area), in fact im wearing them again today lol

wears like denim

perfect fit

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Gunmetal rivet chinos.
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Charcoal herringbone rivet chinos. Fabric is incredible, and warm. I would buy 5 more pairs if Mike made them again, I live in them in the fall/winter.
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Favorite is the green corduroy Caine jacket. Wore it on a trip recently, plan to wear it again this weekend. Will take a photo this time around . It's really a lightweight, very stylish coat and the fabric breaks in really nicely pretty much immediately.

Great piece.
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Dear NYC-area guys,

This Sunday night the whole Epaulet crew is rolling to see the "Wu-Block Party ft. Ghostface Killah" show at the Highline Ballroom in New York.

If anyone's interested in going, you'll see us there. Holler at us!
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^Tony Starks! I'll definitely try and make it out.
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blue ocbd.  looks great almost any way you wear it and its thick enough for a chilly day but breathes enough to wear rolled up on a hot day.  its even comfortable if you end up falling asleep in it.

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