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Purple shetlands look like the go very nicely with burgundy/#8 shoes, of which I have a pair or two. That is tempting.

Noted the charred forest too. Sounds like something a hobbit would have to traverse in a time of trouble. Having a hard time seeing the green or gold in them in the photo.

Might just go with the purple, but will wait to get my factory finds back from the tailor this weekend and assess my wool trouser situation visually.

Of course, if I were able to order a pair of those Bedford cords that are coming and the right size purple shetland is still available, I'd hate for the Rivets to be lonely in transit.
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Yeah I've got my air force flannels from factory finds coming in soon and have also been waiting to snag some bedford cords, the purple tweed would look great with #8's but I really need to make a comparison with the grape flannel before pulling the trigger.
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i love the look of the charred forest, but i don't think i need a second pair of green wool trousers. i can definitely pick up the green and the gold on my monitor, though it's subtle.

i wish i were an old man living in ireland or scotland. i'd have a whole suit of the purple shetland done up. it looks badass. then i'd bust out my pipe and yell at the kids to get off my lawn/clover field/peat bog.
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The charred forest trousers are amazing but I've been moving towards a general uniform of blues and grays. I've still got a few pairs of vibrant pants, like pink twill and racing green canvas Walts, but aside from a couple khakis all my trousers now fall somewhere on the spectrum between light gray or pale blue to navy or charcoal.

Of course, I just decided that grape flannel can be also be slotted into this rotation.
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After hours of deliberation the jury decided on the purple tweeds, can't seem to fit the grape flannels into a rotation that will also consist of air force blue flannels, my god why does Epaulet do this to me...
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And a couple of the gnarliest cotton trouser I've ever seen...


(My personal favorite of all of our F/W trousers..)


Epaulet Walt Trouser Rust Steep Twill - $175



Epaulet Walt Trouser Lovat Moleskin - $175

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omg insane flannel goodness! (Click to show)
i missed the navy marls last year. maybe i will make up for it with the navy flannels. and grey flannels... a missing staple for me... sometimes i wonder why i live in LA. i want to wear all of these pants all the time.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

**Save the date**

Dear Homies from the West Side:

It's confirmed. On Saturday, Sept 22nd, Dylan and I will host an Epaulet trunk show at the Standard Hotel downtown.

We had a fantastic time in San Francisco this past Spring, and we've decided to do it again on our own. They'll be more details to come, but the short story is that we'll bring a bunch of product (shirts, trousers, chinos, sportcoats, shoes) for you to see in person and try one. There won't be a lot of stock to buy, but it will be a great opportunity for you to see the goods in person and figure out your size. We'll bring some exclusive merchandise and offer some special deals as well to everyone who comes to the show.

And after that is.... A FREE KARAOKE PARTY THAT GOES ALL FREAKING NIGHT. Hosted by yours truly. We're going to get the huge room at Max Karaoke in the Little Tokyo shopping plaza and seriously bring the pain. Expect some "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre. And plenty of Billy Joel.

On top of that, we'll probably look to have a fun, huge dinner on Friday night. I've got a few places that I'm considering. Would you guys be willing to drive to the Valley to go to the strangest, unchanged 60's relic Tiki bar of all time? We could own that spot for the night.

More details to come, but please punch this into your calendar for the time being. I'm a huge fan of LA, and I can't wait to go out there and hang out with you guys.


Finally got around to digging this one up after getting back to LA... obviously my fiancee and I will be there! You stumbled upon one of her favorite things (Tiki bars) so I'd say we could definitely make that work! If it's the place I'm thinking of, I would suggest that the thing to do is to take the Metro red line to North Hollywood (~25 mins) after which it's just a short (~10min) cab ride away. The Metro is only $1.50 each way, and as of about a month ago, runs until 2am! This way you avoid driving AND you can tell everyone you rode the LA subway that they think doesn't exist. Depending on the time of day, driving can take just as much time, or more.


Of course, I work in the valley though, so I will probably come directly there and I'll have space in my car for you guys if you want a lift back downtown afterwards, depending on how late it goes.

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Does the collective wisdom say that those are Alden #8 LHS in the fit pics for the new trousers? Whatever they are, I want some.
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Ordered the Grape flannels.

Now trying to decide between the Purple Sheltand or Rust Steep Twills....
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Originally Posted by leftofthedial View Post

Epaulet Walt Trouser Lovat Moleskin - $175

Hmm...I might need to get this one. Is this pretty much purely grey or does it have a hint of green/olive in it?
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Oh man, those moleskins are exactly what I have been looking for.

edit: ....and ordered.
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I'm excited for these Purple Shetland's... Not sure if it's my shitty computer screen but do they look really brown-ish to anybody? I hope not as I have way too many brown trousers at the moment.
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Originally Posted by ThomSquared View Post

I'm excited for these Purple Shetland's... Not sure if it's my shitty computer screen but do they look really brown-ish to anybody? I hope not as I have way too many brown trousers at the moment.
I can't wait to get home to see these in person. 5 more hours until I can go home...ugh. It looked brownish on my work CPU, but less on my laptop.

I'm tempted to order the Grape flannels too!
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