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Originally Posted by meso View Post

Epaulet's website is infinitely more usable than the majority of online retailers out there.
+1. I friggin' live in Brooklyn and I use the website primarily.
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

The next really big thing that we're launching is a bunch of Carmina shoes and belts. They left Spain earlier in the week, so we're about 10 days out for that with customs.

Nice! I've been waiting for these Carmina belts to launch as I definitely need a brown dress belt. Any belts coming in caramel calf or cognac shell?
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Got a few new MKII watches as well.
Oh man! I am in the market for a watch.... What models are they going to be? Are they going to be similar to the awesome first watch you did in the Explorer 1 style?
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^ +1
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Mike, you wouldn't happen to be restocking the regiment twills along with the rivets would you? I'm thinking the khakis in particular.

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Blaze Walt
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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Blaze Walt

Nice camper, Wis! Kind of reminds me of SVB's photo with the VW or whatever in the background. Also, great pants.
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Haha, I only have about 4-5 spots to take pictures during the week days.
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I spent the last 30 mins looking at the Oxford Cloth Chinos...caved in and got a pair. frown.gif I hope I can wear these long into fall! I want to see how they look with a light blue oxford cloth and a light blue stonewash jean jacket, haha.
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wj4, after your outfits have been discussed a lot, not always because people agreed with your choice, myself included, I think this one looks nice while not being muted at all.
Keep it up, mate!
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What is the fit of the rivet chinos in comparison to W+H westpoint chinos? 


Also, my usual size in slim shirting is a small, but sometimes that can be too tight in the body depending on the maker... I really need the sleeve length of a small, though. So I'm curious on others' experience with the fit of Epaulet shirting relative to other brands. Thanks! 

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^ Over the years the Westpoint has gotten less skinny and has moved toward a slim-ish fit that's closer to the Rivet Chino. The Westpoint still has a slightly lower rise than the Rivet and narrower leg -- and a much shorter inseam (though not as short as FW10, which was I think 31" or something crazy like that). I haven't found it as comfortable to wear or as well constructed as the Rivets, so I've never kept a pair I've ordered, and haven't found it to be worth the extra cost. The fit of recent collections, especially W+H's SS12, is somewhat similar, though.


EDIT: Also re your shirting question, it sounds like we have similar preferences for shirting. I joke that I'm usually a Smedium. For this reason I tend to buy Ashland Smalls. Epaulet Mediums fit me really well, but Ashland Smalls look like they're almost bespoke on me (I have had someone ask me this question before). Your best bet is to go with the measurement charts online. They're accurate and very helpful.

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Actually yes. In a little bit, we're going to debut the new shapes for Regiment Twill - one of which has side D-rings rather than belt loops.
Since we're doing a lot of monthly special orders, it should be no problem to have this done to any pant that we offer, provided that we have the fabric. They become final sale as a special order and it might run another $10 or $15, depending on the cloth. But yes, this is definitely possible. We'll also be able to produce trousers as cargo pants or ranger flap pocket pants on demand. I'll have some pics to show shortly.


You can also have your tailor add them. I've had mine add side tabs in addition to belt loops on all of my linen trousers. It's very cool that Epaulet offers additional details as a special order!

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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post



shorts are perfect length. everyone should do this.

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^ my legs are way too hairy to pull off shorts that length shog[1].gif
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