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Just ordered the Navy Wool Pinstripes.


What has everybody else copped?
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Charcoal/Cranberry Windowpane Special Order Trouser: $170
This is probably the best trouser that we've ever done. I've got cloth to cut two of them. Seriously, this will blow your freaking mind when it's made up.
Medium Grey Donegal Special Order Trouser: $170
Possibly the most versatile and wearable F/W pant of all time


These two (except the Navy Donegal, not grey). I remember seeing the charcoal/cranberry windowpane Walts back in late 2009, I believe, and thinking they were so baller but I couldn't pull them off. Glad I have a second chance.


Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Someone else join me in the charcoal/cranberry windowpane club!


That would be me. We should post dueling fit pics when they come.

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I probably won't break out the charcoal/cranberry well until the fall being that I live in L.A., but most definitely! I really hope the red hue is pronounced in real life.
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Question to the group .... which of these special order trousers would you suggest to pair with a camel blazer for the fall....I was thinking the 'Grey Herringbone Windowpane Special Order Trouser, or 'Midnight Donegal Special Order Trouser or maybe the even the 'Olive Windowpane Tweed Special Order Trouser. Thoughts?
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I like to mix earth-tones with other earth-tones so I'd go for the Olive pants

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I just kopped the pale olive flannel and the olive there's my vote.

Also picked up the Olive Duck Rivets...the color on these is awesome...if you guys liked the Carhartt Caramel Duck, this is like its older darker broody brother...glad I got em. Good seeing you guys again today, enjoy your break and very much look fwd to the fall!!!
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Epaulet Blue OCBD today




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^ that is the exact look i am trying to achieve

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Quick cross-post from the Epaulet x Carmina thread. We've got some good stuff cooking over there!

Hey guys!

Thanks for your patience, I built out the other three styles last night. Everything is now available for preorder! Here's the links below: The new styles are open until 7/16.

The pricing came out pretty good too - it's going to be $685 for the two non-shell bal boots and $750 for the Python brogues. Carmina shoe trees are included.

Special Order Black Scotchgrain Bal Boot DEPOSIT
This is the exact boot that we'll be making

Special Order Calf and Suede Bal Boot DEPOSIT
This is the exact boot that we'll be making

Special Order Cognac Python Cordovan Austerity Brogue DEPOSIT
These are going to be incredible! I can't tell you guys how excited I am for them. They'll be the mens version of Betty's Python brogues, in the cognac brown colorway. Good lord.

And here are the two Navy Shell preorders which are up until 7/9.

Special Order Navy Shell Cordovan Austerity Brogue DEPOSIT

Special Order Navy Shell Cordovan Double Monk DEPOSIT

Please shoot me any questions if you have them. The Rain last is pretty similar to the Forest and the Robert, so most guys will get a great fit by ordering the same size.
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all Epaulet everything




Oh and Mike, let me know about LA! I responded to your post a few pages back but I think it got lost in the shuffle... been busy out there in NY? nod[1].gif

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Hey Mike, are the snuff suede Salingers a regular production run? I mean, will they be re-upped fairly frequently? The reason I ask is because, I really want to cop a pair, but the navy shell dubs are calling my name, and there's no way I can justify all the expenditures I'm plotting in my head right now.

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Rivet Chino delivery just arrived. Moss Duck 10oz, French Blue 7oz and Merlot 7oz. Love all 3 colors. I must say the 7oz fabrics seem ideal for Australia. I would say wearable for 3-3/12 seasons. The fabric seems fairly light but durable. The Moss duck are as warned, stiff and industrial strength. I have all 3 weights of Rivet Chino in canvas now and I probably like the 7oz best of all.
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Want that CDG Play Mariner long sleeve. I'm an S in EP shirts usually but 17.25" chest seems a bit small. Someone who maybe owns this shirt, should I size up?
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I have the 7oz Rivet in merlot.

It appears to be well-made and wears cool.......but please reassure me that it'll be tough/durable, as the open weave quality of the fabric gives me pause about longevity
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Crossposting pics of the Carmina Thompson PTB's--



I love this suede.
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