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Bedford Moss Chinos today:

Caramel Ducks yesterday. Was too busy for a full shot frown.gif

Forgot one:

Close up of the wales.
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Originally Posted by rennavate View Post

Is your chest actually 38"? Because my chest is actually 38" but I think an Epaulet Large might even be snug around my chest. I need shirts that have like 42-43" chests... if you're a 38" chest, you can't wear a shirt with a chest that measures literally exactly 38" (i.e., 19 inches pit-to-pit)... it HAS to be bigger than that.

My chest measures exactly 38", honest to goodness. My ideal shirt P2P is 19.5". 19" is too snug. 20" is fine.

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Nice WJ...thanks App.

Something more, Plum Ducks, Floral Chambray:
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Karaoke Fit Pics and Tapered Chinos
Hey guys,

Allow me to introduce David - he's one of our newer team members. Some of you in NYC may have met him already. Here's some fit pics of us at a recent karaoke party. It appears that we're singing a very spirited "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around."

David's wearing our Red/White/Blue Madras, I'm wearing the Navy Sunspel Polo



And, I wanted to share these photos. I often get questions about tapering the Rivet Chinos. They're pretty slim to begin with, but some guys want them really pegged with a very tight leg opening. David's got very slim legs and he tapered the hell out of his chinos. It's an easy thing to do, and only ran $8 at his tailor. The chinos in question are the Plum Duck Canvas models.



Oh, and let's have a closeup of those sweet, sweet Carmina Fitzgerald shortwings...

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3000th post is a great one. I approve the ue of the phrase "tapered the hell out of his chinos". Looks cool.
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Those legs are Photoshopped. THEY HAVE TO
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

Oh my god, pics of the white DB linen blazer? I'm going to a wedding in Vienna in two weeks and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting something like that in time.
Yup, the remaining Crazy Horse boots are just the pieces that we have online.


Whaa, Vienna is only 500 km from me (in straight line - by road it's more like 650 km :-).

Remember, Poland is worth going to as well: you could pay a visit to beautiful Kraków, and then travel to our capital, Warsaw. If you did that, you would likely drive through my town and just by my windows. I could invite you for a cup of coffee and I'd show you my new boots - bet you'd like them :-).

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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Bedford Moss Chinos today:
Close up of the wales. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

these pants look awesome...patiently awaiting for the restock so I can get my size in the fall.

Mike - I know it's a long time from now, but are you planning on running any other colors in this style for the fall? I think a gunmetal-ish color would be perfect for these cords.
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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Caramel Ducks yesterday. Was too busy for a full shot frown.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




That caramel duck has an excellent hue in indoor lighting... might have to kop soon! Can't decide if I should first get more walt wool trousers for work, or start collecting rivet chinos for play mwink[1].gif

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Couple of things...

I was traveling last week and logged onto SF today - almost 300 unread posts in this thread. No way I'm gonna catch-up on that, but just goes to show how insanely popular Epaulet is these days.

Had a job interview last week, went all steezed out in Epaulet and busted a sick offer. I'd like to take credit, but have a feeling my threads had something to do with it.

Finally - I made the switch to a walt-only lifestyle a few weeks back. It was expensive but worth it. The extra rise really does the trick for my body type, and I'm finding I can wear these things the same way as I used to wear my rivet chinos. I still think the rivets are a bargain in terms of construction and fit - but if you are like me and needed a little extra room in a few places - you can easily make the transition. Just need some of the more casual rivet chinos to make their way into walt releases and I'll be a happy camper...
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Originally Posted by kumizi View Post

what color shirts are you guys rocking with the leaf duck chinos?


Originally Posted by neutrino View Post

I second this question. I was thinking maybe the Koi print that I ordered together with them would work.. I'll see when they arrive. More basic cases, I think it would surely go with grey, and with different ginghams having white as the background, like the navy/brown gingham, or the red/white/blue madras, or the buffalo check


I'm saving my shirt pairing with the leaf duck chinos for the shirt contest, but I will say that you *might* find an example on my blog. smile.gif

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David needs some KFC. What size is the shirt? Tapered chino's is too tapered IMO..
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That is maybe a bit ore than I would go for a taper, but it looks fine on him. I will have to post pics when mine are done. I am tapering them to a 7.5" opening, it seems to work best for me.
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Getting my service pants hemmed to a 30.5" inseam and tapered to a 7" leg opening.  Will post pics here too, when they're done.

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damn.. was hoping that the snuff ptb will be restocked soon..
Can the carmina sinclair shortwing boots "stack over" a 7 inch hem?
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