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Hey guys!

Thanks to everyone who ordered today, and I believe that most of you on on the newsletter list and have seen the new merchandise. Matt's going to post links to everything later on, we're just trying to get as much packed and shipped before today's pickups. The new Italian stuff is pretty ace!
Originally Posted by MacktasticGDogg View Post

Hey Mike, I have a question about the new Italia shirts. I've been buying Epaulet shirts in size L primarily because of the chest measurement of 21". I can wear Epaulet size M but the chest feels a slightly tight. The chest measurement for the Italia shirts is 21" according to your size chart. If that's correct, I think I would take a size M in the Italia shirts. Does that seem right? Thanks.

It's definitely possible. The Italian shirts have different measurements, but have a similar overall fit. By and large, most guys will take the same size in Epaulet and Epaulet Italia, but there will be a slightly different feel and profile between the two shirts.

That said, if you're on the edge of Epaulet Medium and Epaulet Large, then there's a very good chance that an Italia medium will work great for you. I'm really happy with how these shirts came out. A proper hidden buttondown has always eluded me, and this Neopolitan maker has beautiful tailoring and fabric. That Sea Foam oxford is freaking killer.
Originally Posted by L.I.T. View Post

So just received my blaze orange regiment trouser Rudie order. Should I wash them then tailor or is there minimal shrinkage that I can just take them to the tailors first?

I'd wash them first if:

1. You think that there's a chance that they'll be machine dried at some point

2. You want a very specific hem length and you like to wear trousers with no break.

Length shrinkage - if it happens - it typically minimal. A fraction of an inch. If you take trousers with break, you probably won't notice it. If you really want to dial in the length, then washing them once can't hurt.
Originally Posted by Simplicio View Post

I've just seen that the Marcellos are up. I have not seen a SC like these in this price range. But we will have to discuss sizing. From the description and measurements, it seems fairly clear that most guys will size up on the navy linen. But it is not so clear with the other two. Perhaps I'll just wait for Mike to introduce them. But I do notice that Dylan has sized up on those as well.

The Marcello jackets are awesome. But something to note is that they are a true slim fit. While our Southwick Weller/Caine/Daltrey can work for a range of physiques, the Marcello is definitely a straight-up slim jacket with high armholes, a cropped length, and slim sleeves. We're not talking Thom Browne, but it is significantly slimmer than our Southwick line. Matt wears it perfectly, Dylan finds it a tiny bit tight, and I can't get it on at all.

Here's another fit pic for your consideration. The Marcello fits this guy absolutely spot-on. If you're more or less built like him, then it's going to work:


The great thing about this is that when this jacket fits you, it really freaking FITS you. It moves totally in snyc with you, and it will be among the best sportcoats you've ever owned. Their lapel and shoulder construction - especially at this price - is absolutely bonkers.

The Linen officially made up about an inch smaller in the chest. So for all intents and purposes, the Navy Linen is running like a true odd size (ex Navy Linen 48/38US is closer to a 37US). If you're in doubt on sizes, then size up. It's really easy to take the body in on these as there's no body liner, but letting it out is difficult as there's very little seam allowance. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or need help in working out your size.
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So gutted that the Marcello isn't available in long... but bought one for my bro so I can live vicariously ;)

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Originally Posted by neutrino View Post

^ or maybe it was just the oxford grey smile.gif

not sure i understand  :(


are you implying that there was only 1 pair to start with?  or was that a little to close to a "jordans"-ish phrasing? 

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Originally Posted by Simplicio View Post

I would be very interested to know if anyone has experience re: the shrinkage potential of the regiment twills. Mike has said that with a simple cold wash/hang dry these will shrink very little. But since I find that I am just between sizes, it is often a good thing if I can get my trousers to shrink down just a little. Has anyone tried putting these in the dryer?

I have 2, and haven't put them in the dryer. If I were you I'd just allow the cold wash/hang dry to shrink it whatever little it will.
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Here's a Epaulet-related cleaning tip.

I managed to dump coffee on my practically new clay canvas rivet chinos the other day:censored: (sabotaged by the coffee shop worker -- lid wasn't fastened all around). Making things worse, there was cream in the coffee, and I was at work with nothing but water and paper towels. I blotted the stain (most of my left thigh) with cold water as best I could.

When I got home I soaked the pants in a quarter cup of Borax in a gallon of lukewarm water, then washed on presoak/cold/gentle. Voila! Stain gone:slayer:. Borax is pretty great stuff -- I do the same with collar/armpit stains.

The only downside is that the chinos shrunk a bit in the waist -- hoping they'll stretch with wear -- I blame the lukewarm soak but I'm pretty sure that a cold soak wouldn't have done the trick.
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When will the competition end? Are you going to limit entries to one per person?
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Leaf and grey oxford cloth rivet chinos ordered this morning and shipped already. Team Epaulet is working hard so I can look good. That's what I like.

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No size 44 love on the Marcello jackets? I guess I just saved $545.
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Would be awesome if the sportcoats had patch pockets.
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I feel sure I already know that the answer is no, but is there any chance you have the Alden snuff suede chukka in an 8.5E in stock at the store that maybe isn't online?
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Glad my order from this AM shipped too, thanks guys!
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Originally Posted by althanis View Post

I have 2, and haven't put them in the dryer. If I were you I'd just allow the cold wash/hang dry to shrink it whatever little it will.

This is probably sound advice, but I'm still curious whether anyone has tried the dryer.
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Field day today, but afterwards jumped in the shower and took the kiddies to the park:
Seersucker shirt:
Brooklyn half tomorrow...any locals running?
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Originally Posted by Simplicio View Post

This is probably sound advice, but I'm still curious whether anyone has tried the dryer.

I haven't put any of mine in the dryer, but I did just wash my 7oz French Blues (cold wash, hang dry), and I did see some noticeable shrinkage in the length. I haven't measured them yet, but the inseam now looks at least a half inch shorter when I compare them to my 10oz Caramel or Leaf Rivets. Is this normal? I didn't think they would shrink this much after a cold wash with no time in the dryer. Any chance these might loosen back up a bit after wearing? I didn't notice any other shrinkage anywhere else after putting them back on again, just the shorter length.
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

Brooklyn half tomorrow...any locals running?

Yo, Rob, I will keep an eye out for you! What is your goal?
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