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Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Considering those Pine Walts myself. And I keep beating around the bush on a pair of the linen Walts. Just need to make the decision.

I know it kind of goes without saying, but the linen Walts really are superb in hot weather. I have several pairs already that I rocked throughout last summer's record heat wave of like 42 days in a row over 100 degrees. God, that was horrible.

The tropical wool fabrics are great too, but because they're lighter weight than the Super 120s (or at least they have been historically), I don't find them to be as durable. I picked up the Pine ones because I really like that color, and have another pair in Worsted Pine flannel that will be retiring for the summer pretty soon.
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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

I just want to chime in on the quality of Epaulet's customer service.  It's not enough that their baseline level of cs is already a 10, but they recently went above and beyond what was reasonable required on one of my orders.  
Also, I am blown away on the fit of their suit jackets--unbelievable for something that is "off the rack".  
Thanks so much for the kind words, and we're thrilled that you're so pleased with the suit!
Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse View Post

+1,000,000 on the new Rudy pre-order system, thanks guys!
Thank you! The Rudy system is working really well, we took a bunch of orders today.

We still have availability on all of the fabrics, but I should say that they're all available as first-come, first served. Stock is pretty tight on the bolder colors (scarlet & mandarin linen, blaze cotton, brick cotton), so if any of you guys want them in the Rudy fit, you probably want to pick that up sooner than later. Basics like Navy, Khaki, and Gunmetal are cool, you can take your time on that.
Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse View Post

Also I asked this a couple times but I don't think I saw a response. Someone in the Alden thread posted some navy suede chukkas and mentioned that they were from Epaulet back in 2010. Any chance you will ever restock these and possibly offer a pre-order so that I can get this shoe in my weird narrow size?

Oh yes, the "blue suede chukkas." You know, I really liked them, but they were actually one of our slowest moving makeups. If there was some interest in the SF Alden community to do another run then I certainly would, but I probably won't put them back into work on my own.
Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

Khaki Canvas Rivets today...
Also, you may have a new customer, one of my colleagues was teaching in my room, tore open his pants on a loose piece of metal on my wall, and had a class of 8th graders make fun of him for 45 minutes...I told him my chinos have caught the same chunk and never came close to a
Nice! This is a great look too.
Originally Posted by pistolero View Post

Getting ready for summer in Texas (ugh)...just copped Navy Windowpane Linen and Tropical Wool Pine Walts. First trouser purchase in like 6 months, can't believe I held out this long. bigstar[1].gif
Thank you sir!

These two are seriously good. Both of them blew me away yesterday, and you made some good choices with those.

We actually only got 10 units of Pine. I typically wouldn't do that small of a run, but the fabric was limited and I though that the color was really killer. Glad that you snagged one!
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I bet the wool pine trousers would look great topped off with either the Loro Piana baby camel hair or Harris Tweed olive marl sport coats.

I'm blinding myself with science...
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Originally Posted by View Post

Can anyone tell me if the measurements on their site are accurate? And what do you guys think of this shirt? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) I only recently (today) started looking at floral patterned shirts and stuff like that.

I have this shirt...measures are accurate, and its awesome...will be wearing with my white rivets next day it hits 70!
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Anyone know if the Floral chambray will shrink in a hotwash/dry? Medium was a bit too big for me and small was slightly snug.
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I got the koi shirt in medium, and it's too small. Which is sad because it's even awesomer in person. If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to sell it for the $105 I paid and pick up the cost of shipping in the US. PM me.
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I got my Epaulet haul today and I cannot be happier. The rise and fit on the chinos is perfect for my liking. Obviously, the shirts are nicer than the Brooks Brothers and Jcrew stuff I can buy locally. I want to order more stuff right now.
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Glad to see you guys carrying Our Legacy. Their shirting fits in seamlessly with the in-house offerings. Have you decided yet whether you'll carry it this fall? Some great looking shirts in F/W '12.
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Jumped on the navy/brick madras shorts. Warmer days cannot come soon enough. smile.gif
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Hopefully someone out there who has both J.Crew and Epaulet wool trousers can help me in determining which Epaulet fit I would prefer. I own a couple of pairs of J.Crew Ludlow 33 wool trousers and the fit is just right for me. Which Epaulet fit, Walt or Rudy, is closer to the Ludlow fit. Thanks.
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Walt, definitely.


Very few (something like 10% or less) customers actually need the added room in the thighs on the Rudy.

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Originally Posted by GBear View Post

Quick picture from this morning. I eventually cuffed the pants once I got to work.

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to anyone who owns the seersucker walts, have you experienced any shrinkage in the length after washing? i plan to get mine hemmed, but wanna know if i should wash them first to account for any shrinkage.
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