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Received my gunmetal chino's last week; great as ever. Mike would you ever consider making a 4 pocket canvas jean using the chino fit / materials?
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Originally Posted by JamesBeardTx View Post

Does anyone have experience with the Cramerton cloth Rudys? I received mine this weekend, and they fit a lot baggier in the waist/seat/thigh than my wool Rudys do. Has anyone else had this problem? I saw someone who said they hot washed/dried theirs and that did the trick, but I don't know if I want to resort to that.

I had the Cramerton cloth Rudys, and they didn't feel significantly baggier than my other wool Rudys. But if you want to shrink them, if you wash and dry them that should do the trick. But, you have to be careful because depending on the temperature and your washer/dryer settings, you can't really be sure exactly how much they will shrink. A cold wash, hang dry generally will not shrink them, but a hot wash and hot dry will definitely shrink them at least a little bit, but hopefully not more than you are looking to shrink them.

Just checked the tracking on my Caramel Ducks, should be here today...can't wait to try these things out!
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"You can buy these true to size. Shrinkage or exceptional stretching is not a concern for the waist and top block. You can expect the inseam to shrink approximately a half inch after washing, so please wash them before you get them hemmed to ensure the correct length. "

Left my fresh pants at the tailor's.. and she is not picking up the phone like she does when she is at work baldy[1].gif
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My Frech Blue canvas ducks finally arrived. I decided to go with a size up from my normal Rivet Chino size of 32 to give the sewn-on buttons less stress to deal with (also, size 32s sold out in a few nano-seconds) and they fit perfectly. So I guess I'm a size 33 in Rivet Chinos now. (not exactly great for the ego having magically gained an inch at the waist...tongue.gif)

I was prepared for raw denim level of stiffness in these duck canvas chinos, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how relatively soft they feel. And they seem to be only slightly heavier than the regular canvas, so they should work in the summer.

I also ordered a pair of desert ducks for my cousin and unfortunately they fit way smaller than a pair of khaki canvas Rivet Chinos he has in the same size (29). Seems to be about 2 inches too small as he can't come close to buttoning them up. The khaki canvas he has was not tight for him at all at the waist, so this is a little strange. He'll determine if he wants to get it let-out or exchange for a larger size tonight. Kind of a bummer for him.

I think these new Rivet Chinos are great, and I'm probably going to try to get a pair in plum even though I have no idea how I'd wear that color.
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Gunmetal Rivets

Size 32 (im usually 33 but this size is SPOT on after trying it out today) I don' t think i will need to let the extra 2 inches out. Unless I get fatter that is :D


Thank You Epaulet, these pants are seriously sharp!

gunmetal 002.jpg


gunmetal 001.jpg

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Epaulet-heavy today....




Top to bottom:
Epaulet spread collar shirt
LBM 1911 moleskin blazer
Epaulet natural belt
Epaulet duck cloth chinos in desert
Billykirk triple wrist strap
Billykirk schoolboy satchel
Alden #8 shell cordovan longwings
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Originally Posted by 510kut View Post

They will you can pm leftofthedial to reserve one.
Will do. Does anybody know when we can expect the french blue rivet chinos to be restocked, though?
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Since it seems most people are finding their groove by sizing up in the rivets, us size 34s are left out in the cold, since there is no size 35. Mike— would it be possible to special order 35s in the future? Or will I be forced to become great friends with my tailor?
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Yeah, try being a 36.
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Indeed, pity there is no 35!
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Originally Posted by Samir View Post


Staple Rivets shipped out today, can't wait to experience the Epaulet chino goodness!

They arrived a couple hours ago. I'm lucky a pair of the 29s popped up, these fit perfectly. The olive color is a lighter green than I was expecting from the website pictures, but that's not a big deal. And the fabric feel is so incredibly soft - I feel like I'm walking in lotion.


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It's miserable being in the 35-36 waist range and a 44 chest (and I wouldn't even call myself fat). Most everything I love to wear is just an inch too small for me everywhere.

I took my racing green canvas chinos to get the thighs and calves let out and they still feel a little too tight in both places but also the waist too. The donegals had a little more stretch to them where I could pull them off without altering the waist, but I may have to go and get the waist let out on these canvas chinos as there just isn't a lot of stretch to them.

Mike, any chance of a second batch of those red and blue Armor Lux shirts coming in (at least an XL one?).
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I decided to get my Salinger's re-soled with a double leather sole. Took them to B Nelson here in NYC. Pricey, but well worth the cash. I'm not even kidding myself into thinking I'm half decent at photography. These pics were taken with an iPhone 3GS. Worn since the first delivery arrived back in November. Gonna polish them up tonight. These are the Caramel Calf variety.





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^^^Cool Matt. Does the fit feel any different with the new soles?
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

^^^Cool Matt. Does the fit feel any different with the new soles?

I honestly haven't even put them on. Been running around all day. I'll probably try them out tomorrow and will give you guys a full report! I love how they came out. The new sole makes them look a bit more English.

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