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I was just wondering if dress shirts without the chest pockets were more formal than dress shirts with the pockets. Are there any specific occassions that one should wear it to? What would you normally wear the shirts without the side pockets with? suits? semiformal wear? Is it formal and informal? thanks.
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I think that w/o pockets is more formal.
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Without pockets is considered more formal, and also essential if one wants to wear braces.
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Dresshirts without pockets are more formal because pockets on dresshirts really are quite silly - which is also the reason I (for one) don't want to wear dresshirts with pockets at all. What are you going to have in the pocket? A collection of pens? A cellular telephone? In my opinion, dresshirts with pockets are in the same league as short-sleaved dresshirts. You can wear dresshirts without pockets with anything from jeans to suits. Marcus
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Disagree on both counts, guys. I wear braces all the time with dress shirts with pockets. And If you have your coat off much, which most of us do, you'll go nuts not having a pocket to put stuff in...Stuff being business cards, pens, receipts, etc.
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Sorry, but braces with a pocketed shirt just looks plain silly, imo.
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Ah well, we shall again be gentlemen and agree to disagree.
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I was always under the impression that - practicality notwithstanding - a shirt without a pocket was more formal. You never see a pleated tuxedo shirt with one, after all. As you go up the ladder of formality, everything has less extraneous detail. As far as dressiness goes, "back in the day", most office-working stiffs would be wearing a jacket, and a vest, and so a dress shirt pocket would be superfluous. If you were doing some more manual work, you wouldn't have either, and so you'd need the pocket. I think, for everyday use, a pocket is a pretty good feature to have. For my better dress shirts, with which I'd be wearing a 2-or-3- piece suit, however, I won't cry if the pocket happens to be absent. Cheers, Nick.
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An unpocketed shirt makes the suggestion that you could be wearing a vest, even if you're not - which is why unpocketed shirts are more formal than pocketed ones.
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