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I retract my statement in which I said that I never wear hoodies. I remembered that I do in fact wear them when I am snowboarding. This is a dangerous and reckless sport reserved only for the most hardcore thugs. I regularly speed towards helpless skiers, giving them mere seconds to react to my demand that the fools brace themselves for the inevitable gunning-down.
I'm no expert in downhill sports, but I'm pretty sure that any decent skiier can go a lot faster than a "thugged out" snowboarder.
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I'm no expert in downhill sports, but I'm pretty sure that any decent skiier can go a lot faster than a "thugged out" snowboarder.
My snowboard hoodie makes me so thuggish that people stop getting my jokes.
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Hey guys, what manner of thuggery is going on here?
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(esvoboda @ May 19 2005,13:40) hoodies is for thug
and Brown hoodie is for thug farmer.
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I actually will not buy a hooded sweatshirt unless it effectively hides my face. I don't know why, I just feel more comfortable that way. I use it to nap with and etc. I try to avoid most thuggistry though, I think I'm a bit more mature than that.
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I'm wearing an AA grey hoodie right now. I am a "hipster thug" as opposed to Kramer's "Hipster Doofus". I have also noticed that both the Jedi and the Sith (who generally where their hoods up) use the force to thuggish ends.
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I get the impression that hoodies have a connotation different in the UK than in the US.
Possibly, although the furore directed at the hoodie in the UK at the moment is because of a desire to target the behaviour of a subsection of the population, which is difficult to do on any socio-economic criteria as it'll be deemed discriminatory (which it is). In this case, the targeted group are known colloquially as chavs, scallies or neds (depending on geography). Generally lower/working class, poorly educated, unemploy(ed/able) and young, they wear a uniform of fake designer labels and sportswear. Oh, and hooded tops. They've always been around, just lately the media seems to have jumped on them (for lack of any more worthwhile youth culture), either painting them as the demon downfall of British society or parading them as loveable scamps, of which they are neither. As for hoodies, most people under the age of 30 own at least one. This recent connotation between hooded tops and criminal behaviour is media-fuelled and did not exist before. It is true that large gangs of scally kids roam shopping centres at the weekend in tracksuits and hoodies, although it is disturbing that it looks as if this may lead to widespread acceptance of laws which make it illegal to mask your face from recording equipment in one of the most heavily monitored societies in the world.
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Interestingly enough, the Thuggees never wore hoodies: Jon.
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I had no idea, v0rtex. Thanks for the explanation. My first impression is that this is what happens when white kids watch far too many rap videos and attempt to make it a lifestyle. I did some googling and found this: Chav at Wikipedia I associate track jackets somewhat with harmless emo kids while hoodies are worn by a good cross-section of young people so I don't exactly shiver in terror when I see anyone wearing one of these garments. Do we have chavs in America? Hmm. Maybe Britney Spears.
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Well, maybe some hoodie wearers are dangerous.
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The Unabomber had quite an interesting look. Hoodie, aviators, mustache. Maybe a good Halloween costume.
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