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Originally Posted by Slewfoot View Post
I'm getting my JL Brooklands inspired boots on a last similar to the 888, but with a few tweaks to make it look more like the JL 8000 last. I'll post pics when I receive them.

I'm very much looking forward to pics of this last - is he going to send you interim pics as he did for angelicboris?
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I requested pics of the process so I'd like to think so. I just placed the order the other day so I'm sure it won't get started for a little bit. I'll post pics as I recieve stuff!
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Cliff just sent me some teaser pics. Apologies for the small size, as this is what he sent me.

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Nice. Those trees look significantly shorter than the lasts; doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of lasted trees?
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They do look shorter, but I'm not sure if it's just due to the angle the photo was taken at. Cliff didn't have a last in my size, so he had to get a pair made. I'm guessing the lasted trees would have been made at the same time.
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Wow...nice looking boots
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anybody buy shoes on the chisel last/
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Cliff must be following this thread or read your mind Orgetorix. He just sent me these pics of the last and trees.
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fcuknu - I'll be getting a pair of boots on the chisel last similar to the 888 made up. There will be a few minor alterations to make them look a bit more like the JL 8000. I'll post pics letting you know how they turn out...
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Originally Posted by jimmyoneill View Post
Very nice.
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Beautifully built footwear.Hand welted , channeled and finished,What more could you ask
for at 290 pounds.
Great job Cliff
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I wonder if he could do higher heels like in Vass and G&G; it seems to make the shoe much more elegant.
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I ordered a pair of balmoral boots in US12D in the squared last...some use this term interchangeably with "chiseled" last but with me squared and chiseled are 2 different things

A last can have both a squared front and be chiseled. Those who have bespoke Cleverley's or Fosters tend to get the chiseled front.

His description was that is was a squared last similar to EG's 888.

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Killer lasts
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