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@Alex and @Englishshoes, I must admit that today I couldn´t find the article where I am almost sure Mr Church admits they took over the production of Church´s custom grade line at Cheany at least at the time the article was written.  I will keep my search some other day since I am on hollidays.  Hope is not in my imaginery as far as I do not like to spread any kind of rumor, specially of this kind and here.  I will come back to you as soon as I can.  Should I have to apologize, I won´t hesitate to do so.  Until then I will admit that is only a presumption.

No problem,
It would be an interesting read.
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Hello, here a pair of Consul in 173 last in their maiden voyage. Not the most sleek last but the most comfortable for my feet and suitable for formal and not so formal suits without looking trendy

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Unable to find the article,  .  Couldn´t delete my previous post.:satisfied:

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We just got a new multi brand store selling mainly Church's, Tricker's and Cheaney shoes .. The SA told me the Church's management notified them about the price increase of a 30% starting soon. LoL ..

I am not sure if the SA is BS me, or the Church's went completely crazy but will be interesting to see. Their diplomat style is already in the 450 pounds territory, seeing those at 600 pounds would be a joke .. 

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I won't pay 600 pounds for a pair of Church's Consul / Diplomat.
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Chiming in -- By no means an expert but sharing my personal experience. 


I have had JM Weston, John Lobb, Cheaney and Church's. I rank them as follows:


1. Lobb

2. Church's

3. Cheaney

4. JM Weston




Church's has a wide array of models. Yes, some models are made of binder shine, but only some models. And that dates from WELL BEFORE THE PRADA TAKEOVER!  In fact, I bought a pair of brogues in the nineties which I recently found in the attic.. That's right. Bookbinder. In contrast, I recently bought a pair of monks made of beautiful calf - so much nicer than the Westons!!! 


JM Weston's leather is RIGID. Breaking them in is not for the faint of heart, and you need to be living in France subjected to harsh social criticism to suffer this stoically. I can live with that. HOWEVER, my beautiful pair of monks did not age gracefully at all!! I wish I had kept them for the distressed look though. 




Cheaney and Lobb are just as one expected - the first is solid and the latter is amazing. Never cared for C&J. 

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First pairs of "real" shoes bought while touring Europe for work.  Sorry camera was a bit on the fritz when I took the pics

Black Consul





Measham Betis






The consuls gave me a pretty amazing blister on the back of my foot the first few days but they're all good now.  I expect the Betis leather to change over time and darken up a bit.  

So far pretty satisfied with the purchases.  Any advice welcomed.

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Congrats, nice shoes you have there. Please can you share more pictures of the betis leather shoes? Is it corrected grain?

Best regards

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Sorry for the late reply... Traveling in Hong Kong this week with my wife.

Measham Betis is full grain leather.



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Also, I'll post more pics when i get back home (Japan).
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Anyone has experience with the sneaker Mirfield? How does the size run (in terms of length)?
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Amazing sneaker! Size is extremely strange. I wear a Church's UK 9 G in all styles but am a UK 8 F in the Mirfield. 

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Thanks! And is it possible for you to tell me the outsole length of your Mirfield?
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First day wearing my walnut Consul in the wild. I applied a couple of layers of dark brown shoe polish to make them a tad more mahogany. The shoes paird with a light navy suit (if such a colour exists) and navy socks. I would't wear this shoes with midnight blue or dark navy.

Bought from Herrings, excellent service as always.

PS : The original post said chesnut, was edited to walnut, sorry.

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How is the fit? It looks like you could use wider shoes.
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