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Salt Works Jeans?

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I did a search on them and couldn't find anything on the forum.  Does anyone own a pair? Salt Works
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I think that I mentioned them once. They are just another of the many new premium denim brands. I find the washes decent, and the construction quite passable. THe main attraction (for me) is that they tend to be considerably cheaper than a lot of other brands. A good choice if you want something different from Seven's at a reasonable price (usually under $130 retail). Personally, I've been dying to try out the Nomad Tribe since Brian endorsed them, although the "stretch" denim thing has me wondering. These are in the same price range as Saltworks jeans.
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They mentioned SaltWorks in the NY post today and thought I would take a look at them. They are priced better than some other brands like PDC.
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They're not bad. The fit is decent, and the denim (though a lot of it is stretch, and therefore not my thing) is decent as welll (I see Brian jumping over the couter at me now). Probably not for the denim geek, but unless you can't live with yourself unless you are wearing Japanese selvedge Levi's repros, who cares. Try them on (they are not ubiquitous, but not hard to find either), and tell us what you think.
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Wow... I've never seen this brand, but kudos on the website. I was there for 30 seconds and found out just about everything I wanted to know.
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