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JM Weston 180s (shoes)

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Had some time between meetings yesterday and popped into the new Weston store near the Burlington Arcade. I decided to try on a pair of the Weston 180s, which are reputed to be among the best loafers on the market (along with the Lobb Lopez, Alden full strap cordo loafer, and Cleverly's loafer). I was a little disappointed with the styling. While I am sure they are very well made, I did not think they were that elegant on the foot. I actually liked the look of my Grenson Masterpiece Radley's a lot more. I wanted to try on the demi-chasse (sp?), but didn't have the time. I will say that the service and attention given at the Weston store was beyond compare. The salespeople were extremely attentive, friendly, and knowledgable. I would be happy to spend my money there. What do others think of the Weston 180s?
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Tread lightly, they have something of a cult following...
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I don't doubt it. Just wondering what I'm missing.
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the 180 is very "french trad". .luc
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But I agree, it just looks bad. .luc
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Since Weston is available in 6 different widths, even I have to admit that the 180 doesn't look that appealing in certain widths.
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