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Knit Ties

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Any knit ties please!
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Striped ones prefered! BoO I will buy!
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What is the price range you are looking for?
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Lands End are decent, especially if you can find them on sale, but decent at retail.
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Originally Posted by ahjota View Post
Lands End are decent, especially if you can find them on sale, but decent at retail.

+1. I have a few made in Italy, and they're quite nice and hard to beat for the price.
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I actually have two that I would like to sell....both are brand new and have never been worn. I cut the tags off when I purchased them but I still have the tags if you want them.

The first is a red with yellow/sky blue stripe Brooks Brothers "Makers" silk knit tie. The tie is 3 inches wide at it's widest part and was hand made in Italy. My price is $28 shipped.

The second tie is a solid aqua blue Ralph Lauren Blue label silk knit tie. This tie is 2.25 inches at its widest point and was also hand made in Italy. SOLD!!!

The reason I am selling these is because I have entirely too many silk knit ties and I would like to consolidate.

And you have first choice so please let me know if you are interested in either tie...
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I have one Pal Zileri Solid Black knit tie. Widest part is 3.25". Worn once, like new condition. Asking $27 shipped (my shipping cost is higher cos I'm from Canada)
Pictures probably not showing colour properly, but it's solid black.
Attachment 20300 Attachment 20298
Attachment 20299 Attachment 20301

Let me know if you're interested. Thx.
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I still have 6 knits left in my thread, couple skinnys
let me know if you're interested.
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Have some knit ties in my thread:


$22 bucks shipped CONUS.
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