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oxxford ties?

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Does anyone have any experience with oxxford ties (particularly oxxford crest ties)? How is the construction? Thick or thin? I saw this on ebay and was wondering if it is a good deal. Thanks,
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$9.99 -- good deal. That tie is pretty nice -- I've seen it in person. Not the best color green in the world though -- sort of a military camaflouge green. Thicker knot. Pretty nice construction. If you can get them for around $30 you've done well, but they aren't special by any means (compared to, say, a Carlo Franco woven).
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It's a handmade tie (in the USA). I would catergorize it as a thick construction. Excellent construction. The ties sell for $145 at full retail.
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Yea,great tie,though not extraordinary.Incidentally,what's happened to their shirt line which used to be made by Kiton or something-tons of handwork.Now,the Oxxford Crest line shirt looks like a somewhat ordinary split yoke shirt,no more hand set collar,etc.
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NM Last Call had quite a few of them at 75% off the discounted price, worked out to ~$11. I bought a few, they are not bad, designs are a little stodgy but the construction is nice, not 4/7 fold but self tipped and nice weight to it.
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