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Originally Posted by NachoBroadway View Post

Just pulled the trigger on these, will post pics worn soon.

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I'm curious about the sizing on this- I'm a sure 36s BB Fitzgerald and I hear get a small or XS. Any advice from the forum? Anyone wash theirs and had it shrink? I don't plan on hot drying but the canvas must shrink ever so much getting twisted up. Thanks in advance.

Also Pointer has a 15% code this week: MBS15
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Originally Posted by SuperBobo View Post



I'm obsessed with hickory stripe; with two little boys of my own, i get jealous of all the railroad gear little kids can score on the cheap but not for dads (other than full bibs, which I'd never be caught dead in lol8[1].gif) happy.gif these are the best alternative to $300 IH-802s IMO
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Sending this one back to the top.  Anyone else wearing this lately?  Hopefully someone has some worn pics of the chore jacket

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Been wearing mine since late September at least 2-3 times a week, washed once - I've got pictures around if someone's interested. Still love it, held up great.

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I found the Pointer chore jackets to be pretty junky. The material seemed thin and the seams were of poor construction. In fact, I just gave my size Large Tall to Goodwill.
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I usually wear a 38 in jackets and a medium in most shirts - should I size down to a small for one of the chore or barn coats?

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Generally I would say yes, size down, but I got a "tall" because I have long arms.
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Thanks for the tip. Just ordered a brown duck chore coat and I'm hoping for the best.

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Yeah I typically wear size 42 and sized down to medium-long. Sounds about right.
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Hi Guys.


Do these Chore Coats shrink after washing?  If I purchase a Medium (I'm a 40R) and wash my garment, will it fit afterwards?




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They are duck cloth and don't shrink noticeably. I even threw mine in the dryer to give it a more washed appearance and didn't notice a difference.
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Thanks for the help.  These are short, like trucker jackets?

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Not really. Between a trucker jacket and a dress blazer. Most trucker jackets are like 25" (back length from bottom of collar to end) for me, pointer chore jacket is like 28" (medium-long), most blazers are around 30".
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