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Pointer Brand

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Anyone know anything about Pointer Brand?

I'm eyeing the brown duck carpenter jeans and the hickory stripe chore coat. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I'm trying to figure out how these might shrink and how they are sized before shrinkage. I figure it's so cheap I may as well take a shot.

EDIT: Here's a link
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I purchased a chore coat from them a couple months ago. I'm between a 36-38 and usually fit in a medium in most shirts but I ended up getting a size small coat and it fits pretty well. There wasn't too much shrinkage from what I remember.
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I seem to be around the same size as you (36-38 and medium in most shirts). Is the general concensus on the chore coat to size down? How snug is it one size down?
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The brand is located about an hour from where I live. Great stuff that lasts forever.
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If I remember right we sell Pointer too. It just hasn't made it to the site yet.
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i like what i have seen.
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I've been thinking about ordering a chorecoat and some pants for a while. I'm curious why their pants run in such bizarre sizes. For the hickory stripe its like 28/32/40 with random lengths available.
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A Continuous Lean had a write up on them a while ago and I have been itching to buy some since.
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I just called Dave. We carry Pointer. He want's to know what you guys want and we'll stock it.
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Chorecoats in all colors
Pants, particularly the brown duck, hickory stripe, fisher stripe
I've also seen shirts recently, but they don't have any on their website. Curious what kind of styles they offer.
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Can anyone help out with sizing advice? One person has sized down in the chore coat, maybe can we get some fit pics?
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The stuff is real work wear so the fit will be loose. Filson and Carhartt is the same way. If you're going to layer heavily then get the size you normally wear otherwise going down one size seems to work well.
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I've been on the verge of ordering a pair of the fisher stripe pants for a while but I haven't been sure how they're sized or if they shrink. I think they're one of the few brands that make fisher stripe in anything other than a coverall, so I have to admit those pants are really tempting.
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^^ A friend has a pair of the indigo carpenters, and they are 2 inches oversized (tagged 32 measure atleast 34), and did shrink as sanforized denim usually do. Im not crazy about the denim quality, the deadstock 80s carhartt pants I have are superior. But I agree, fisher stripe and hickory looks great. Regarding the chore coats, imo the collars are unproportionally big... some measurements and pics A pic of my friend wearing his indigo pair:
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Who else is interested in this brand? Speak up!
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