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FS: Lenovo Thinkpad X61s (REDUCED)

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I bought this laptop a few months ago and haven't used it much since. It's been sitting on my desk and in Like New condition. There's not a single scratch, blemish, or anything else wrong with it. I upgraded to a 3-year depot warranty, fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, 8-cell battery (6 hours of normal use), 4GB of memory, 160Gb hard drive, and Office 2007 Ultimate (installed). It also comes with XP Professional (installed), and has a license for Vista Business. Original Lenovo box and all papers are included. This combination has everything you want in a business laptop, and nothing you don't. Price: $OLD shipped and insured in CONUS. Specs: 7668CTO THINKPAD X61S-1YD 41W1501 SBB INTELPRO/WL3945ABGUSCNLAAP 41W1830 SBB 8CELL LI-ION BATTERY 2.6AH 41W1787 SBB CPK NORTH AMERICA 42X0165 \tSBB LANG.PACK US ENGLISH 42X1466 \tSBB CLEAR PLATE X61,WLAN BT 42V9665 \tSBB FCC, LABEL 42X0412 \tSBB GEO LBL US,WLAN BT 93P7252 \tSBB THINKPAD LOGO PLATE 42X0401 \tSBB MT 7668 SYSTEM LABEL 42X0948 \tSBB MECH MISC PARTS 43Y4471 \tVBB GEN WIND. XP PROFESS. 42V7972 \tSBB MS LABEL (VISTA PREMIUM) 42X1233 \tSBB NEWINTELLAB_DUALCORE/CEDUO 39T6439 \tSBB BLUETOOTH W/ANTENNA 41W1910 SBB PACKAGING 42V8300 \tSBB 4GB PC2-5300 DDR2 667MHZ 41C9170 \tTHKPLUS TP 3YR PICKUP DEPOT 40Y9135 \tTHINKPLUS TS AND CS 43Y4694 \tSBB MC WIN XP PROF US ENG 42X0096 \tSBB 12.1" XGA TFT L7500,1.6GHZ 42X0133 \tSBB KEYBOARD US ENGLISH 42X0754 \tSBB TRACKPOINT W/FINGERPR.READ 42X5225 \tSBB 160GB HARD DDR,7200RPM 62P6054 \tVBB INTEGR.BLUETOOTH PAN
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Nice setup!
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A well made laptop, I have the tablet version of this, and it works well both in tablet and non-tablet modes.
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Wow, very nice laptop!!
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That's even nicer than my loaded up Dell XPS. 7200 RPM HDs are wonderful in a laptop.

No idea what you paid retail, but this is a good deal.
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I hate you, lost mine at McCarran airport (combination of no sleep and alcohol) about a week ago. Mine was the tablet PC version though. luckily whoever "finds" it can't do much with it....locked up with a password x no CD/DVD drive and they need the disks from lenovo (about 50 bucks) to reinstall everything.
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i put my stamp of approval on IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads.

Dells and HP no.
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Why is this so-loved laptop still here?
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Price reduced. As of now, there's a 13% rebate on this item. I can set up an auction for you so you can take advantage of this. (The auction price will have to be readjusted to factor in eBay's fees, however.)
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42X0096 SBB 12.1" XGA TFT L7500,1.6GHZ

That's duo core?
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Very nice, would recommend.
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Originally Posted by clee1982 View Post
42X0096 SBB 12.1" XGA TFT L7500,1.6GHZ

That's duo core?

Yes, it is. It's the mobile version that consumes less power.
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did i miss an optical drive in the descriptor?
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Highly recommend these computers, good luck.
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price reduced, tax day special
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