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Dries van noten

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Found another place that carries it- Louis Boston. Don't know if they have the coat you're looking for, and the stuff they have ain't cheap. When I was there in Dec I worked with Paul Wade.
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I don't know how this thread got started, but Sak's in San Francisco carries some Dries van Noten, as does Wilkes Bahford. Barneys on Wilshire (Beverly Hills) carries Dries as well, and I think that I seen some pieces at The Saks and Neimans there too. Strangely enough, I've also seen some pieces at random boutique shops who generally target a lower pricepoint. I rather like the pieces, although I have to admit that of the Antwerp Six and Antwerp Six influenced designers, I prefer Dirk Schonberger (who is quickly becoming ubiquitous in "cooler" LA shops) and Martin Margiela. Just my two cents.
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You can also find Dries van Noten here in NYC at Barneys, Bergdorf's, Saks and Jeffrey. I agree with the other poster--I like Martin Margiela the best out of the Antwerp 6.
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