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Baggy Jeans

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I've been looking for a new pair of baggy jeans to replace an old pair of Girbaud jeans which are nearly dead. Any suggestions? I've had a look at Paper Denim Cloth, Helmut Langs, J. Lindeburg, Rogan, True Religion, DSquared, Diesel, and For All Mankind, but most aren't that baggy, and if they are it's because they're boot cut or flared, neither of which I'm a great fan of. I love articulated knees, but they aren't as common as they used to be. Any help appreciated.
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articulated knees = GStar Other brands that do looser fitting jeans are, MHI, Blue Blood, Rogan, PRPS, Armani Jeans, Bape...there's lots out there, especially the skate brands.... depends on your personal tastes/budget. How about more Girbaud's? The recent collections have some very well executed funky washes.
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G-star makes a really, really loose cut.
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Ringring is right on the money, as usual. All his recommendations are on the money. The GStar low loose is probably one of the baggiest jeans non hip hop/skate brand jeans there are, as Ken said. Of the higher priced brands, you'd do well to look at Blueblood and PRPS, which is, after all, a division of Akademiks. If you like the hiphop look you might want to look at Academiks, Rocawear, and other jeans from hip hop companies, which are really baggy. Other brands I could recommend is Milkcrate Athletics, which is pretty reasonably priced, and One True Saxon and Ozeki. The latter two, of course, are perceved considerably differently in the UK than they are here.
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FYI, the GStar low loose jeans run large in the waist as well as being baggy. (Sorry if this point is redundant. Does being baggy=being large in the waist?)
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I think that your best bet for a jean like your old Girbauds is probably the A-crotch jean from GStar - articulated knees, normal waist with dropped crotch and baggy legs, with a slight taper. They are not (imo) as baggy as the low loose, but they are more similar to the Girbaud styles of a few years ago. A lot of hiphop brands also still do articulated knees.
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Thanks, All - very useful. Found a pair of G Star Elwoods in a nice dark rinse at the weekend (but not selvedge unfortunately), which I'd have picked up if the shop had my size. Does anyone know anything about the G Star/Mark Newson collab that Harrods (London) is going to stock? From what I understand, they are going to cost several hundred pounds...
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It looks like jeans made for a 60s film about the year 2000 Here's the catalogue, Lots of dark denim with white rubberised prints. They've also used the print as a way of finishing off the raw edges of fabric.
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