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Asics Onitsuka Mexico 66 "flap"

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I've had this pair for a few months and they are definitely one of my favorite pairs of sneaks. But I'm really getting annoyed with the flap at the back. It's somewhat useful as a built-in shoehorn, but looks kinda ridiculous when worn. After walking around a bit, friction from my pants will cause the flaps to stick up against my Achilles' tendon and the unfinished reverse of the flap is visible to those walking behind me. Who's great idea was to install these things? I've never seen any other sneakers with this "feature". I've thought about cutting them off with a pair of scissors. Anyone with the same pair have similar issues? Side discussion: I've read from numerous sources that this is one of the pairs worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Supposedly, it is somewhere during the Hattori Hanzo act in Volume 1. I was a little suspicious about this and freeze-framed my way from the scene when the Bride first enters Hanzo's sushi shop until when she leaves Okinawa to kill Lucy Liu. Her shoes are only shown once, when she is training in Hanzo's dojo, but the shot is way too zoomed out to determine if these are indeed the shoes. The pair that is depicted is certainly white, but I did not see the blue/red colorway. Of course, I still relay the Kill Bill factoid to people that inquire about my shoes but in the event that I am challenged I'd like to be prepared.
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hmmm, i'm in the opposite camp as i love the flap. nearly all of my adidas have it (Japan, Italia, Chile) and i think it's a cool aesthetic feature. i just let them flap wherever they want to go and embrace their flappity-flappity-ness.
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I'm with Get Smart on this one. Love the flaps on Mexico 66's and Adidas Italias.
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i have these shoes as well, and have never noticed the flap to bother me. perhaps you can tuck the flap in? i think ive tried it once, and i couldn't really feel it. could be an alternative to cutting it.
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or, just hot-glue it down.
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I got a couple pairs of the Ultimate 81's since they didn't have the flap. Still gotta get that Mexico someday, though.

Kent, maybe if you experiment with different jeans, you'll find one or more that get along with the shoe better than others. It's the case with my Converse slip-ons. The tongue will sometimes get pulled up by my straight-legged jeans. But it's fine with bootcut
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Haven't seen Kill Bill in a while, but these might be the shoes she wears with the yellow jumpsuit.
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Yep, the OTs she wears are the Yellow/Black "Tai-Chi" ones
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My previous post must have been lost in the crash: I announced that I had cut off the flap and was pleased with that move.
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Any good places to get these online below retail?
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yes kill bill- the taichi bruce lee yellow/black colorway. s. korea had a bunch of really nice onitsuka's that i've never seen- they were all pretty expensive though- $150 and up, so i passed.. i did buy a pair of vintage onitsuka tigers in thailand maybe 3 years ago, loved those things.
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This is so weird that you mention it, just 2 hours ago I was sitting on a friend's couch wearing my Ultimate 81s and I noticed a Kill Bill poster where she's wearing the yellow jumpsuit and the yellow/black Tai Chi. You can only see the side of one shoe so it's not a huge deal, I just thought it was sweet. On the other hand, try explaining to your friends the difference between an Ultimate 81 and a Tai Chi...
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Don't these look close enough to the Mexicos, minus the flappity flap-flaps?

They're very thin and lightweight. Fun to wear either of these when I go out dancing

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