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It can also depend on the tie itself. If you have a thinner tie but want a bigger knot, I would recommend the Prince Albert to add bulk. I think a four-in-hand will work in almost any circumstance with a Prince Albert thrown in for a spread if you so desire. I use the Pratt sometimes, too, but not much. <snip picture> Works for me.
I like the excellent shape of the pictured knot, but the size is just too small. No, I'm not a fan of the fist sized knots either. In this case, HRH Prince Charles is not wearing enough collar, and wearing enough knot in his tie. Hard to get a tie for a non collar shrt.
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half windsor for me-i'll try the reverse version
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Here's the opinion of a well-traveled, Englishman: "The man had taken off his macintosh. He was wearing an old reddish-brown tweed coat with his flannel trousers, a pale yellow Viyella summer shirt, and the dark blue and maroon zig-zagged tie of the Royal Artillery. It was tied with a Windsor knot. Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad."
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Ive heard that many times, about Bond mistrusting anyone with a windsor tie knot. Note to James Bond fans - HES NOT A REAL PERSON. Id feel sorry for anyone who based their preference of tie knot on a fictional characters opinion.
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I love the windsor knot. Even when I try to broaden my horizons and tie the four in hand, I ususally re-tie the tie with the windsor knot during the day. I just don't like the fact the four in hand is asymmetrical. Looks foolish to me.
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Victorian/Prince Albert is my choice. Flip it over one more time using the FIH before knoting it through.

I wear this and half windsor.

You know...there are 85 ways to tie a tie...
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Originally Posted by damonallan
You know...there are 85 ways to tie a tie...

Mm, and probably as many to cook an egg. Doesn't mean they all should be used...

Tricket, try pulling your tie a little less tight, so it doesn't bulge on one side. The Albert is, as you demonstrate, perfect for getting a really nice dimple.
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God, can't they rename that knot? Every time I hear it, bad thoughts of having a hot poker stuck through my piece go through my head.
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