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First post & some questions...

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Hello all, So excited; my very first post on the Styleforum. I have been following AA and the SF for some months now and really learned a lot. Really funny how people react to my new clothes etc. Even my sister who had not seen me for a couple of months was shocked. I have two questions: I have spotted this Vestimenta blazer on an on-line shop: It seems to be exactly my size and I was thinking of buying a grey blazer (another "first" since I never owned such a jacket). I wonder what you people think of it? Would it be suitable for casual wear with jeans, cords or khaki's? And it is not a real jacket for the summer but for fall and spring it should be ok right? My second question: Does anyone know were I can buy some new thick MOP buttons? (for one of my fleabay purchases ) Thanks, Niall
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Thanks for letting me borrow your account, Niall -Jeroen I sent the link to this post to a friend and he hijacked my account?.
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Hey, Niall, how ya doin'?
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What the Hell, offline.? I'll teach you offline.. *does the cosmic hobo*
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The garment is styled / cut much more like a shirt with patch pockets than a blazer jacket. Look at some Brooks blazers. Or Burberry. Look at the shape of the shoulders, chest, skirt. Then compare to your picture. Nothing wrong with the choice of grey - at least in my opinion. But, I'd get a true Blazer style jacket for more usefulness.
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Actually I liked the patch pockets on this one; makes it less formal...? Maybe it is also useful to add that I am a 24 year old student. Thanks for the links about the MOP buttons. However they are not really what I was looking for Maybe mister Kabbaz can give me some help? Regards, Niall
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