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Building New Suit Wardrobe - Need advice please!

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Hi everyone, I'm truly ecstatic about finding this place. The dizzying experience of finding a suit has me second-guessing a lot of things. After doing some searching, it seems that the welcome atmosphere here will assist in custom tailoring suit recommendations. (Like here) So without further ado, here's a list of what I do know: I'm entering the financial services industry and I have ~$1500 to spend on the suits. These will be worn on a daily basis around people that appeared to me to be very well-dressed. I have an athletic cut, which has caused me trouble in finding an off-the-shelf suit that fits well. (So far a Polo Ralph Lauren was best) My size for the coat varies on the manufacturer, most of the time a 46R, but sometimes a 44R as in the case of Joseph Abboud. My waist size is 36. I live in the Atlanta area and would be willing to buy locally, or if necessary, buy from an online vendor to increase bang for the buck while sacrificing service. Not sure what else, but I'll be glad to answer anything else that someone brings up. Thank you.
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Welcome. Perhaps you could say more about: -what you already have in your closet -what sort of financial services job you're embarking upon From your note, it's not clear whether you mean to spend $1500 per suit or $1500 total.
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Literally starting from scratch - nothing fancy left in my closet. I had a 40R suit, blazer, and underpinnings that I've obviously outgrown. I'll be doing analyst work for one of the big banks in the area, not sure at this point which offer I'll take. However, for the sake of imagery of the working environment, JP Morgan/Chase should be a good model. $1500 total just for the suits, I have other funds for shirts, shoes, etc.
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Brooks Brothers has BrooksEase separates available, which could help if you're having trouble with sizes. Jacket and trousers together usually go for around $600, but I think they'll be having a 40% off sale in June which will bring the price down considerably. Hopefully others can confirm this.
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How soon do you need the suits? If you have several months, you could probably do alot better than if you need them in the next week or two. Would you have a problem with used suits? If not, you should be able to find Abboud 44R or Polo 46R on ebay. BUT before you buy anything, make sure you know your correct size. Go and try on as many suits as you can to get a feel for size. If you know someone whose opinion you value on such matters, bring them with you. You may think you a know your size, but may be wrong by as much as a couple sizes. If you are wearing a suit everyday, you will probably want to start out with at least 3. 1) Solid Navy, 2) Solid Charcoal, 3) a pinstripe variation of 1 or 2 Good luck
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