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Sugar Cane Orange Sun Sawtooth Western Flannel Shirt Sugar Cane hangs onto the summer sun with a beautiful new sawtooth design flannel shirt with a great color. The magical hands of TOYO have put this together for a late Fall delivery due to the heavier than usual weight of this flannel compared to other TOYO produced flannels. This shirt is now available in our online store along with a complete restock of all of Sugar Cane's jeans. Photos by Sidney Lo.:
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Sugar Cane Winter 2009 - Shirts! Four shirts from Sugar Cane's first output for 2009... Two new shirts and two restocks of the most popular denim shirts we sell at Self Edge. The Con Flannel Work-shirt and the Red Heat Work-Shirt are both new items and we've finally got a restock of the purple and light blue denim shirts. The selvedge denim shirts are very popular because they're far softer and more wearable than your traditional denim shirt. These are now available online, once they sell out there is no restocks as all SC products are made to order. Check the online store for measurements, specs, and hi-res photos. The two new shirts are modeled by Carl and shot by SidneyLo: Red Heat Work-Shirt Con Flannel Work-Shirt Purple Selvedge Denim Shirt Light Blue Selvedge Denim Shirt
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Sugar Cane Recycled Denim Sweet Jeans

In conventional jean production the excess fabric from the cutting room is discarded, Sugar Cane has taken this fabric and macerated it and spun it back into yard which is then used to produce the denim.
The recycled yarn is used as the weft (fill) thread while the warp is unused pure indigo dyed 50/50 (sugarcane/cotton) blend yarn.

The aging on these jeans is sure to be phenomenal, the denim in it's raw state is something that's new to us, a deep dark indigo color with some slub, but under bright light you can tell the weft threads are definitely different than your usual indigo denim.

These are extremely limited in production and only available at Self Edge outside of Japan. They are only produced in even sizes and once sold out there will be no restocks.

Check the online store for hi-res photos and a full spec list:

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Recycled denim looks nice. Will it fade like normal cotton?
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those look very, VERY good. kept my eye of sugar cane for a bit, time to return to them
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Originally Posted by keng_n View Post
Recycled denim looks nice. Will it fade like normal cotton?

It will definitely fade, but we think when they do fade that the aging will be a bit more intense and different looking from regular denim due to the way the weft is woven and partially dyed.
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very interested to see how these will fade has anyone bought a pair yet?
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Just went up on the site, two new shirts from Sugar Cane..
One Beige chambray and one natural indigo dyed Cotton/Hemp shirt:

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Sugar Cane Short Sleeve Summer Shirts

Fresh from the never idle hands of Toyo, a batch of three new Sugar Cane shirts perfect for warmer weather.

Two are a fine pin-check fabric which is one of their best sellers and a new Indigo Guam shirt. All three are short sleeve and the two pin-check versions were made for us up to size XL.

All three of these shirts along with a restock of some sizes of the Recycled Denim Sweet Jeans are now available in our online store:

Blue Pin-Check Short Sleeve Shirt

Black Pin-Check Short Sleeve Shirt

Indigo Guam Short Sleeve Shirt

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PSA (to the Los Angeles people):
I was at the Vintage Blowout shop on Fairfax (between Canter's and Supreme) and they had a pair of Sugar Canes (didn't catch the model) for $45. They are a size 38 x 36, but they look obviously shrunken, especially the inseam (unless they were hemmed). The waist may or may not be 38, but it was still pretty big. The lady caught me checking them out and offered me 15-20% off, but I declined. So if you have an extremely stocky build, you should pick these guys up.

Turn 'em into denim shorts or something. Actually...not a bad idea...
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I bought a really nice worn 1947 with arcs and tab for $5 at a Los Angeles thrift shop
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Sugar Cane Summer Collection - Shorts & Shirts

Just received a new shipment of warm weather wear from Sugar Cane. This new collection consists of a pair of slim mid-length shorts and a couple of sugar cane and cotton fiber blend short sleeve shirts.

The shorts are made of a micro-striped Jean Cord fabric which breathes well but feels rugged at the same time. Both short sleeve shirts are made of fabric which is loomed from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% sugar cane fibers, Sugar Cane has been doing a limited number of these shirts every spring and slightly changing the pattern every year with the blue areas being natural indigo dyed.

We've also received a full restock of all five jean models which we carry from Sugar Cane and a restock of the Navy Picnic Short Sleeve Shirt. All these new items and restocks are available now at SESF, SENY, and in our online store:

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Buzz Rickson & Sugar Cane Winter Collections

Just received a large order of new jackets and shirts from both Buzz Rickson, Sugar Cane, and Buzz Rickson x William Gibson.
Included in the new collection is the famous Black MA-1 Jacket made famous by William Gibson's Pattern Recognition book, these are only made once every two years in the winter.

We also got an amazing new jacket from Buzz Rickson that's a red wool civilian issue jacket from the 1930's, really cool details and great fit on this piece.
Buzz Rickson also did a new run of all their chambray shirts and mock twist fabric shirts.

From Sugar Cane we've received new 50/50 sugar cane and cotton fiber blend shirts which are natural indigo dyed, pin check long sleeves, and a great new pressed flannel hunting shirt with a curved rear yoke that's been very popular in the stores these past couple of weeks. All three stores have also received full restocks of jeans from Sugar Cane.

There is one piece which is only available at SENY, the William Gibson x Buzz Rickson Black A-10 Goatskin and Wool Gloves, the ultimate in a warm classic style glove. These are available only via the online store or in-store at SENY, retail price is $199.

All these shirts, jackets, and jeans are available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store under Sugar Cane and Buzz Rickson for hi-res photos, measurements, and full spec lists:

Sugar Cane!

Buzz Rickson!

Buzz Rickson x William Gibson Black MA-1 / "Pattern Recognition"

Buzz Rickson 1930's FDR Civilian Jacket

Sugar Cane Indigo Guam Long Sleeve Shirt

Sugar Cane Pin Check Long Sleeve - Gray

Sugar Cane Fiber Twill Stripe Shirt

Sugar Cane Pressed Flannel Workshirt - Wine

William Gibson x Buzz Rickson A-10 Goatskin Gloves

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Sugar Cane & Sun Surf Summer Collections We hope it's starting to warm up where ever you live because we just received some of the breeziest shirts we've ever carried. Both Sugar Cane and Sun Surf have delivered some light weight shirts along with some 3/4 sleeve oxfords and linen & hemp shirts. We've also received a limited run of a set of 1934 World's Fair Souvenir shirts that Sugar Cane has done reproductions of complete with the medal coin that would come with the shirts as a "certificate of authenticity". The fabrics on these are to exact spec of the originals and even the same buttons were reproduced for this run of shirts. All these shirts along with a full restock of all Sugar Cane jeans is now available at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for full product specs, hi-res photos, and measurement guides. Sun Surf 3/4 Sleeve Hula Oxford - Blue Sun Surf 3/4 Sleeve Hula Oxford - White Sugar Cane Jean Cord Workshirt - Black Sugar Cane Light 3/4 Sleeve Hemp Shirt - Red/Yellow Madras Sugar Cane Light 3/4 Sleeve Summer Shirt - Navy/White Star of Hollywood Diamond Polo Sugar Cane 1934 World's Fair Souvenir Shirt - Indigo Chambray Sugar Cane 1934 World's Fair Souvenir Shirt - Navy Stripe Sugar Cane 1934 World's Fair Souvenir Shirt - Black Stripe
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I just bought this on eBay.
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