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Painful shoe crease

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Hey guys, looking for a little bit of advice...

I am breaking in a new pair of shoes (Magnanni) and the left one has developed an uncomfortable crease. They don't rub my feet in the way as to cause a blister, but the crease forces down on one of the small bones in the knuckle on my big toe, and is very painful.

Is there something I should do to try and move the crease? Or will more wear-time soften it enough to stop it?

I have probably 6 full (8-10 hour) days of wear time on them now.


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I've had this same issue with my Magnannis, my mistake was wearing them for 10 hours straight out of the box & walking a lot on top of that. But when they started to rub a bit, I put a large patch bandaid over the spot to prevent the blister.

I will let my foot heal for a couple of weeks before I wear them again. You may just need to adjust you sock thickness but I suspect with time it will go away as the Magnanni leather is very soft & supple after you wear them for a bit.
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If it persists then go to a shoe repair store. They can stretch an area for you. That might help. But I would try breaking them in a little more first.
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I had a similar problem with some Massimo Dutti by Magnanni I bought recently. I just wore them for no more than a couple of hours for about four-five times, and every time afterwards I'd use conditioner and cream to polish, in order to soften the leather. It seems to have worked.
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