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Looking For A Vest

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I am looking for a black pin-stripped vest to wear with formal attire. Does anyone have suggestions, as to what brand makes the nicest vests??
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Your problem is going to be availability. Hardly anyone is going to make a black pinstriped odd vest, because those typically are only sold as part of a suit. You'd have better luck looking for a more traditional odd formal vest.
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Borrelli makes nice silk formalwear vests, such as this one at
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I found a treat related to vest styles and tuxedos on AA, called "First Tux, black or Midnight blue". Charlie wrote: ...Several possible vests come to mind, even after reading your description. I'm particularly interested in how the vest lapel (if any), pocket, and shoulder can be styled. And how the back should be completed. So, I did a little web searching for something with representative vest styles. Although I do not intend to order anything from this operation, would you be so kind as to look at the styles, choose a close approximation of the most correct one, and then comment upon how that style could be improved. Vests have as many options as suits. Or, perhaps you have available the picture of the ideal model from some other source. That would be simply wonderful... Hope this help you a bit.
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