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Split yokes are ugly

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Even with striped shirtings matched at a 90 degree angle. Discuss.

If that's correct, then the only alternative for those with uneven shoulders is real bespoke with a custom-drafted asymmetrical yoke pattern. Much to the detriment of my bank account. So please convince me that split yokes are not ugly. Please.
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Split yokes can look rather neat, especially on striped patterns. My shirt maker doesn't like split yokes. He says it ruins the lines of the shirt, and it is very rare that they really need to be employed. Also, I noticed my Charvet shirts (which are the nicest RTW shirts I own) do not have split yokes.
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If the yoke is split at 90 degrees, then it really isn't different than a single piece yoke, and doesn't do much/anything to adjust for slope.
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If a shirt isn't made-to-measure or bespoke, a split yoke won't compensate for asymmetrical shoulders since it will be symmetrical. On a made-to-measure or bespoke shirt, you don't need a split yoke to make the yoke fit your shoulders; a single-piece yoke can just be cut asymmetrically.

That's why split yokes are stupid.
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No1 is going to notice your shoulder angle, Pythagoras is dead, people.
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One theory:

If you cut the yoke asymmetrically, then it =looks= asymmetric if you don't split it and have a striped fabric. If you split it, the asymmetry is more subtle.

Also, if the yoke edge that attached to the back is curved, then splitting the yoke makes this fact more subtle. (Some shirtmakers prefer to curve only the back piece, others curve only the yoke, others curve both.)
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