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Current Jeans Rotation:

Kapital Cisco
Momo 202SP
ExWxY EW-0110
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SD 101 @5y/o+ ... [perpetually] work in progress ... Sorry for the iPhone quality😕


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Oni 512s. One wash. 2.5 years.
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CanadianTux weather today!

SD XXXJ-2 Type1: Partially hot soaked the sleeves, then the rest as water got cold :: 1st time in the wild. :: Denim is still stiff & needs a few wears to drape better :: Cut is generous @shoulder&sleeves__ great for layering.


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First post on this thread. One of my favorite pair, RR, great fit and breaking in nicely

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Edwin Ed-49 Japanese Rainbow Selvedge.

I have been wearing this model type for about a decade and I simply am not looking forward to when I wear the current ones out. :(

Great fit and slight taper into a boot cut.

They fade out after a couple of years and are bullet proof in most respects. Extra bonus points as they do not have a zip fly.

I rotate these with a pair of Denim Demon and Pike brothers jeans.

I don't cut off the excess and prefer to wear them cuffed long, cos reasons.

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Wore my scotch and soda jeans for the rituals event 

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Sage Denim
Special Roll 21 oz

I really love with this denim, i've been wearing this almost 7 month without washing just 1 insoak in first month.
i really appreciate with this denim mills, they have a beautiful vertical fades and i really like it honestly
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This is my pair of 2 yr old Rogue Territory SKs. I wore them pretty much every day—but did not do too much activity in them, and had a crotch blow out for about half the time I had them. I just repaired the crotch for the second time. Tyler and Rain from IndigoProof used their darning machine and did an amazing job. I definitely recommend them for crotch blow outs.


I will be wearing and doing a lot more activities in them this summer!
































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