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Current Jeans Rotation:

Kapital Cisco
Momo 202SP
ExWxY EW-0110
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SD 101 @5y/o+ ... [perpetually] work in progress ... Sorry for the iPhone quality😕


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Oni 512s. One wash. 2.5 years.
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CanadianTux weather today!

SD XXXJ-2 Type1: Partially hot soaked the sleeves, then the rest as water got cold :: 1st time in the wild. :: Denim is still stiff & needs a few wears to drape better :: Cut is generous @shoulder&sleeves__ great for layering.


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First post on this thread. One of my favorite pair, RR, great fit and breaking in nicely

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Edwin Ed-49 Japanese Rainbow Selvedge.

I have been wearing this model type for about a decade and I simply am not looking forward to when I wear the current ones out. :(

Great fit and slight taper into a boot cut.

They fade out after a couple of years and are bullet proof in most respects. Extra bonus points as they do not have a zip fly.

I rotate these with a pair of Denim Demon and Pike brothers jeans.

I don't cut off the excess and prefer to wear them cuffed long, cos reasons.

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Wore my scotch and soda jeans for the rituals event 

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Sage Denim
Special Roll 21 oz

I really love with this denim, i've been wearing this almost 7 month without washing just 1 insoak in first month.
i really appreciate with this denim mills, they have a beautiful vertical fades and i really like it honestly
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This is my pair of 2 yr old Rogue Territory SKs. I wore them pretty much every day—but did not do too much activity in them, and had a crotch blow out for about half the time I had them. I just repaired the crotch for the second time. Tyler and Rain from IndigoProof used their darning machine and did an amazing job. I definitely recommend them for crotch blow outs.


I will be wearing and doing a lot more activities in them this summer!
































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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

Shot some photos of my recently washed Stevenson jeans.

Stevenson 727 La Jolla Jean
Worn for 19 Months
Washed 10 Times
Repaired 2 Times


How did you wash them? Soak? Hand wash? Threw them in the washing machine? And how did you dry? Hang?
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Originally Posted by nsubrmnn View Post

How did you wash them? Soak? Hand wash? Threw them in the washing machine? And how did you dry? Hang?

All my washes are in a washing machine with detergent and they were line/air dried while hung over a shower rod.
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Railcar Fine Goods Spikes x012

Worn around 19 months

Countless washes

1 repair (crotch darned)





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My Stevenson 727 jeans. 3 years and 2 months of wear, 22 washes, 5 repairs (at SESF, SELA, SEPDX, and self-repaired twice while in Mexico). I love these jeans, everything from the super functional curved rear pockets to the way every stitch and fold ages is pure perfection.

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Sugar Cane 2009, owned by one of our customers from SEPDX.
She bought these from us 2 years ago, they look so damn good.

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SC 2009 with about 6yrs wear
recently repaired (knees, left leg opening, right pocket bag)

Were my first decent denim purchase / well, after a disastrous try with some Kicking Mule 1980s
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