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Marc x Marc Jacobs

3 washes, 18 months of wear

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Anyone some experience w grey raw selvage??
Bought a pair of tellason ladbroke grove in grey Japan selvage one month ago.
They're broken in a bit comfort wise.

How long should I wait till I wash them? Is there any need to wait? Fading won't be that significant anyways, or am I worn?
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dior homme mij 19cm
no wash, worn off and on 3 years +

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So good to see an awesome pair of Dior 19s on here again. Bravo -
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Originally Posted by kolodziej View Post

Been lurking a while. First post. Heres what I did to some cheep jeans. They are Levis 511 rigid dragon, paid $45, worn for a year and a half with no washes. Just tumbled em with dryer sheets and aired them outside. first wash by hand with Bronners in cold water. Thighs and waist shrank a bit but they will stretch out with wear.



Those are really solid for Levi's.

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APC petit standards 1 year

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Balmain Knee Stich Jeans, photos from the day I got them, holding up well after 5 month and 3 washes

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wasn't feeling the wide-straddled back pockets, so i re-positioned them.
IMO, the 1" diagonal tweak towards the center made quite an impact on the aesthetic fit.

before & after:
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Though they look like something out of High Times, these are my Strike Golds.



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sorry for all the photos, but it was hard to get a couple good shots with an iPhone. so i took a bunch of close-ups.

the history on these; 2 plus years of wear, they were waxed with Otter Wax about 6 months in, 1 initial soak and they just got their first wash yesterday.

Pure Blue Japan 007

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So awesome to see some amazing PBJs again. Please do post them also in the devoted PBJ thread, if you will.
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Momo 701+Uniqlo+Equus+TG+Unlucky+Viberg
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current fit of my FC 1108C

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Both those look good. Great boots.

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@Mariol, tnx!

KAPITAL Cisco O/W @1yr = approx 6mos of light [lifestyle] wear :: multiple soaks, no wash since worn :: sched 1st wash @end of summer


macros taken a few mos ago:

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