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SG2105's 10mo's with Sugar Cane Belt

I'm not super partial to the backpocket stitching of the Strike Golds - but I love how the denim evolves with that mud weft. Great work.
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Originally Posted by Nomy? View Post

SG2105's 10mo's with Sugar Cane Belt

great belt. not that impressed with the strike gold fades for some reason. maybe they need more work ... but i was expecting more for what they charge, although in japan they are priced much better.
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s5000ai-10sp @2.5 yrs:

.... equivalent to 14mos effective wear. countless soaks__ still no wash. yeah, yeah, evo on these flows slower than molasses in winter time. but, LUV 'em exactly because of its uniqueness__ not about the fades on these pair. they don't contrast due to the dyed weft. what the denim lack in high contrast fades, it more than make for, in terms of ataris__ tons of vertical falling [from hefty slubs] on high traffic/friction areas.


'cept for the apparent ataris, the denim amazingly just refuses to yield its ai. even after months of "effective" [medium to light] wear & countless soaks, the denim regains its form & crispness after each soak, as well. the weave, it seems, are drawn even tighter [from the shrunken yarns]. hence, the seersucker-like puckering, like bumps on a "Mogul" ski run.

'wish i could take a mor accurate photo of the denim.
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^Now that's some slub! Crazy!

Final photos for the RoyxCone contest. One year, initial soak and five hand washes.




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Originally Posted by zissou View Post


This evolution sequence is amazing. Props on those.
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3 months exactly on my Unbranded skinnies.




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these are 2008 cone mills version of ande whall grifters. They have about a solid two+ years of wear on them, they developed knee tears on both of the knees, just got them patched up, finally wearing them again. This is my example of how regular cone selvedge fades.
self edge repair
destroyed coin pocket fixed by a local tailor on the cheap in chino hills
leather patch. I'm so happy to have these up and running again. I should get back my other pair of grifters sometime soon, will post pics of those when I get them back
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About 2-3 weeks into my first pair of raws, just wearing around the house and sleeping in them for the most part, going out with them on whenever I get the opportunity. Definitely getting a 29 next time instead of 30, I've already got plenty of room in the waist but the thighs are tight-ish. Slim Guys in Natural Indigo Revival Selvedge. Looking at some pomegranates possibly in the future.



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10 months of wear on gap raw jeans. They actually turned out pretty nicely. I can upload more pictures if anyone wants to see how this particular denim fades.
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i've been siting on a pair of morrisons from a long time ago, need to get them hemmed.
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Momo 710

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KMW 1980s at 1+ year


They fade slow at first, but once you get past around 8 months, they really go... Need the crotch repaired.
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UGH! I regret not getting those Roys.
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Something tells me you might be able to find denim that fades exactly like Roy...
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Just scratched the obnoxious gull off my Evisus. Pretty pleased.

Some photos of my most beaten up jeans. Still wear them around the house because they're soft as shit:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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