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I pulled these suckers out last night when I was cleaning. these are EASILY the best fades I have ever had on a pair of jeans. Just time and dedication.
PRPS tight fit sold to me by a famous joey formal at deep sleep philly

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wings and horns denim
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Decided to wash my n&f indigo weird guys before heading back to school. These got like 3 pre soaks (long story) so they are soft as hell and the crotch is beat to shit. Going to need a repair sometime relatively soon.




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IMG_3509.JPGLVC 1947's

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IMG_3511.JPGIMG_3515.JPGIMG_3506.JPGnaked and famous big jons 

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^ how long have you wore those? i've been wearing my pair fora little more than a month.
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maybe 4 months of effective wear? maybe a little more. like I said they are super soft so fades aren't amazing.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post

It should be noted that the other owners of JS are from Lucky Jeans and together they started up another label out in LA this past year.

It's a shame that they're phasing out the zipper because having a riri fly was one detail I always loved about my jeans. Also, the skinny cut is unisex, and it's a great fit, but be warned that the pocket bags are super small.

My pairs haven't stretched out that much but JS is definitely vanity sized by at least two depending on the cut. They are definitely sanforized and I've never noticed much in the way of shrinkage. They also break in quite nicely although the brand isn't talked about much on here considering the competition at its price. I'm not sure they're "worth" retail over other brands like RRL but I've never regretted owning them.

JS are decent jeans indeed but the quality of construction and denim is definitely lacking at their retail price point. The riri zipper has been great (only zippered jeans I will own) , as is the over the top use of that crazy orange selvedge but the feel and durability of the denim, its fading properties, and in particular the stitching leave something to be desired. To be more specific, they only use one rather lightweight type of thread that doesn't hold up well. Compared to Momotaro or similar repro brands that use a bunch of different colors and weights of stitching in different areas to give strength where needed and character where possible, JS really looses out. If you can get them on the cheap though, do it.

I paid 100 bucks for some classic fits and they are by far the baggiest jeans I own, but great for Canadian winters with a pair of longjohns as they trap a lot of dead air.

The sizing is beyond muffed though. I'm between true 31 and 32 I believe. I wear a 28 in diors/apc , 31 in momos, and so on and a 26(!) in JS which have since stretched to the point that they cannot under any circumstances be worn without a belt. If they're on sale or you really want something made in Manhattan, do it. If not, shop around more- you can get a lot more in the way of quality for a little more in the way of coin.
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My NS' at 2 months (probably about 50 days actual) wear.

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woops forgot to label the top pictures those are new cures at about 6 months.

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samurai black knights @ 2 years
a bit washed out but i can never get these right

retired s5000bk for good measure after 4+ years.
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Wow Poly, I love those jeans they all look great. So jealous you were able to get a pair of those Black Knights, I keep looking at them on BiG and wish they were not sold out frown.gif
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Yo Poly do you still have your Imperials? (or pics saved?)
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Originally Posted by phreak View Post

Yo Poly do you still have your Imperials? (or pics saved?)

i've never had imperials
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