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i'll be honest, i love the idea of the pbj 007 but i have yet to see a pair i love. maybe its the fact that they're slubby too, but the fades don't ever jump out at me
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Saw this and thought it was xchen, fo sho.

What are the threads?

N&F 21 stiff indigo, they have been worn for about 8 months or so.
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Originally Posted by Chris Benson View Post
Some pics of my fav pair of jeans [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
Epic pair Is this the samen pair? Not my pics
So I met this guy at a store in Winnipeg named Chris who works for Ducks Unlimited Canada who brought in 2 pairs of beat up N&F jeans. The first one is this crazy pair of 21oz selvedge in WeirdGuy fit. It was even more impressive in person... The store (Danali) had some of the same jeans in stock, so I took a comparison photo: Chris is about 6"1 and my guess is approx 180 lbs. He wears size 32. The shop manager told me that Chris is a "bushwacker" and works in Canada's wetlands doing serious tough work to preserve the environment. These jeans have never been washed and Chris tells me that he will continue to beat them up!
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^ Yup, pictures I guess the pictures have circulated on varrious web sites.

Honestly never really thought the jeans were anything special. I was just enjoying wearing them seeing them develop. When they get to the point where they look good in my eyes I move onto the next pair to beat up.
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They are awesome .
Did you tuck in your jeans in your boots?

And do you have pics of your new 26oz N&F?
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Nope, just allowed the jeans to fall where they may. As you see in the picture are the same way they would appear if I was wearing my boots.

The 26oz jeans have very little fading and there isn't much difference than those on the web site,

However in a couple months when they are properly broken in I will for sure post pictures.
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Some people were wondering about the APC Faux Noir PS that I have so here's a couple pics of how it'll fade. They were pitch black when I got them, still pretty dark unless in sunlight. First is how it looks, second is in sunlight with contrast bumped up (so probably how they'll end up looking... fades greyish thanks to charcoal weft): And here's a quick update on my Skull 5507s. I need to sew another patch on the crotch.
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skulls lookin good!
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some pics of my levis 511, about 2-3 months of wear. nothing too interesting happening yet.
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and same pair in black with gold stripe - the bag is used for VW ties/hankies.
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Originally Posted by chroMe View Post

and same pair in black with gold stripe - the bag is used for VW ties/hankies.

Picture is way too small to even understand what it's showing...
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those weird guys are so dope
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X-post from Momotaro thread. Pictures taken with flash.

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how long have you been wearing those for?
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roy x cone contest jean
22 days
an initial lukewarm soak to get starch out
2 hot (almost boiling) soaks (1/1 & again today)
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