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Just soaked my pair:

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Quick skull update, 3 months in and threads are starting to get undone or snap. Combs coming along, and should be nice in a few months.

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washed my routes today. not much changed
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Aeglus. Looking good. My pocket stitching started coming undone after 2 wears on my 5507
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somet love

after a year, I have basically beat these to hell, but no rips or tears yet.
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Just noticed...are the legs darted on Somets? Apologize if this is a noob question :/ Pretty sick though, btw. EDIT: Saw on Context that they are darted. What's the advantage to darting over just cutting it slimmer though?
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Yeah, on the low rise that's sort of the special thing from Somet. Nice jeans mainy, glad to see more and more Somet evos popping up.
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Samurai 610LX's I grabbed from pekklemon. The rise seems lower than my APC's, but they measure the same.
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this sounds really gay but those fit your ass perfectly
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nice somets mainy
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My friend's Crate routes. First image is indicative of color.
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X-post from LVC thread
1947 tagged 34x36
measured new 33x35.5
post soak 32X33.5
this is one wear after initial soak
I wear 30 in apc

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gap raw selvage authentic, only a few weeks old.

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Originally Posted by Joe2758 View Post

what's with the nut area?
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i had a boner
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